Directing/Producing again! Or: I need Fundraising/Sponsorship Ideas

I just found out that I got accepted into the Hamilton Fringe of Theatre Festival, the very first one. I took part in the well established Toronto one last year and had a great deal of fun. Thing was, I was not in charge of finances/publicity or anything like that, and the show did very very poorly financially.
This year, I want to come out with a profit.

I will be directing and producing a play by a Canadian playwright, Moynan King, called Bathory. The rights for this show, plus the application fee, plus sets, costumes, props, will probably set me back a total of $1000CAD. I need to ensure that I will profit from this production. The way it works is that you pay an application fee, and you get your theatre performance space (90-200 capacity) for 6 performances. You pay for any rights, costumes, props, anything like that. The actors and your tech team are all volunteer positions. You do receive 100% of the box office ($8 per person) however, so there is potential to make money back on your show.

So, got any ideas for fundraising ideas or where to look for sponsorships? Or even ideas on how to boost up publicity for my show to ensure butts in seats?

What I have now: I do currently have some eBay listings which indicate that all proceeds will go towards the theatre group.

What I am considering: I am thinking of getting in touch with our local newspaper and suggesting a weekly or bi-weekly column, a diary or journal, relating the efforts that go into a theatrical performance, written by me. I would expect no pay for this. I would simply want to generate publicity for the very first Hamilton Fringe Festival as a whole, and also for my show. I also follow the school of thought that theatre can be better enjoyed when the audience has a bit of an idea of the hard work that went into it.

What else I am considering: I am going to create a website for my theatre company (Rats Live On No Evil Star Productions). I am considering putting on a PayPal link offering anyone who donates any amount, to have their name printed in the program. The donation page worked for the chick who wanted to pay off her credit card bills. Would it also be feasible for me?

All of your ideas and suggestions and feedback are welcome and will be considered.

Talked with my stage manager this weekend, and he suggested a pub night. Rent a party room at a bar or pub, charge people about $10 and get some friends to play music, do some theatrical performances and stuff like that.

Does anyone have any experience with something like that? Able to offer any tips on how to make it work?

I’m a complete novice at fundraising. That said, could you get the paper to do a human interest story? Also, how about persuading the actors to participate in live theatre on the pub night? If you do a web page-perhaps a humorous “Save this starving producer” theme might solict more donations.
Good luck!