Hurray for Gay!

I got a some great news in my inbox yesterday!
I have potential to get some great publicity because the play I’m directing/producing for a local Fringe Festival has “queer” themes in it. Well, it only kind of does…but whatever.

My city’s Pride Week coincides with the Fringe Festival, my city’s first Fringe, ever. And the Pride Committee has a couple evenings where they have not yet booked anything and so are wanting to know if any of the Fringe shows would be of interest. So I emailed the Fringe co-ordinator back and told him that my play has a lesbian in it, and a cross dressing woman, and a character based on an actual historical figure who has been considered a lesbian by many. It is not an actual under-running theme of the play, it is merely a matter-of-fact part of the play.

I receive 100% of ticket sales for this show, so publicity is HUGELY important if I want to make money back. And this could be it!

Hamilton Pride Week is nothing in comparison to Toronto’s, but judging by what I saw two years ago when I took part in some of the celebrations, this is definitely a good thing.

Now to just cross my fingers and hope there aren’t many other shows that would be able to benefit from Pride publicity.


I’d just like to take this opportunity point out that your location reads backwards as “Rats live on no”.

Attayant, yes, yes it does.
The full palindrome, and the name of my theatre production company, is Rats Live On No Evil Star :smiley:

Harli that’s neat. Not just the play thing, but the name. Cool for you.