Help! I've been scarred for life!

Well I was at a Drama Festival and I think I’ll never be quite the same again. I met a guy that was presenting make up and costume design, the same category I was in and I started talking to him and flirting with him, he was really cute. After a while…

Guy: (to his friend also there) Damn man you’ve got a big foot.
Me: (cheesy line I know) Well you know what they say about guys with big feet
Friend: They wear big shoes?
Me: Well not quite what I was thinking but…
Guy: I know what you’re saying, I should know my boyfriend wears a size 12.
Me: Oh

WHY? Why do all the cute guys have to be gay? Why? I’m just hurt. Anyone had similar experiences? Any advice to soothe my wounded heart/ego?

Sad Kitty

Not all the good guys are gay, you may wish to widen your horizons a bit. There are really wonderful men out there, you just need to know what to look for. Big feet aren’t the answer. As the old sayings go:

Big feet? Yup, big socks too!

Big thumbs? Yup, big gloves too!

Big nose? Yup, big handkerchiefs too!

Without sounding flip…

FPK, consider that you were at a drama festival…he was presenting makeup and costume design…you might want to brush up on that gaydar. :wink:

(I know, I know, blah blah stereotypes blah blah.)

I always did think that drama queens were the best queens.


I have been called cute more than once or twice by women.

I’m not gay despite the fact I’ve been re-decorating our livingroom all night. The plants, books, pictures, and candles are a nice touch don’t you think?

I am taken however.

So all the good one’s aren’t gay.

There is a “good one” out there for you as well.

The good ones are:

3)believed to be gay but are not (it would take ages to explain this)

I dont remember who saied this but it is great:
I dont want a good men. The good always die young.**

So go for the lousy ones! There are heaps and heaps of them out there! hehe
Well… I ll stick to category 3 and category 4 which is “good and available” but hardly existing and therefor not even listed.

b dodgy

They exist, I am one, I just happen to be rather reclusive. Since I haven’t had a date in a year and a half I am overdue, going to ask somebody out this week;)


It may not make you feel better, but guys say the same thing about all the good ones being taken. Just keep hoping, and I’ll tell Dire Wolf to stop by.

FPK - ok, you wanted other stories of “whoosh”.
(some 20 years ago)
There I am out for “coffee” after a meeting with several folks, including this nice looking guy. One of the women says “I really like Burt REynolds” guy replies “we have the same taste in men”. I guess my face registered something, 'cause the next thing he started laughing and said “oh, you didn’t know?”

It’d be so much nicer if he were just taken, but why does he have to be taken AND gay? At least guys know that they still have a chance if the girl is just taken. I wouldn’t mind having DW come over it would really lift my spirits… please?

I guess you’re right, but a girl can hope can’t she? Though you have to admit that gay guys are fun. Andrea and I found a guy to sing “I feel pretty, oh so pretty” from West Side Story with us, and he knew the Rubber Ducky song from Sesame Street, it was so cool. Fiori got two different guys to sing something from the Sound of Music with her.
So I guess it wasn’t too bad, my school even won an honorable mention in the other tech category and 5th place for Audition. The competition was tough and we’re a math and science magnet so it was pretty good.
“Do a deer, a female deer…”

Drama Kitty

No thanks, I’d rather be gay. :slight_smile:

:: D&R ::

I can’t guarantee to be cute, but I’m free nd single. Always available to sooth anything that needs soothing. I even supply my own sandpaper for a real smooth finish :smiley:

Bad! Bad, bad person. Though I can understand the sentiment, but my dog is free for the week if that’s more what you’re into.

Colin Wilkinson,
Well it’s between you and DW. Who can get here first?


I’m single. That might be changing in a few months, but for now . . .

Cuteness you’ll have to determine for yourself. But not all the cute ones are taken. Or gay.

Alright all of you supposedly cute and single guys, can any of you act at all? Or at least do a half decent job of reading a script? It’d be nice to have a guy who could help out in Drama, and if you know anything from a musical that’d be nice too. Ha! Let’s find someone now.


Good men aren’t that hard to find. Good men who look like male models are.

It’s a relative thing. My husband is no Mel Gibson (well, he is to me), but he’s employable, comes home at night, and isn’t full of himself. He also jokes about having a strikeout record that would make Nolan Ryan jealous.

Suffice it to say, he’s absolutely wonderful. And to all those women who passed him up because he’s no male model, all I can say is honey, it’s YOUR loss.


Well . . .

  1. 1st-8th grade I was in productions.

  2. In high school I was in two plays and two musicals.

  3. Outside of that I’ve done stuff in improv groups, summer theater . . . I’d do it now but between school newspaper, academic team, SDMB and school and such I have little free time.

So a good number of people have thought I could act and/or sing . . . and thought I had a decent grasp on what humor was. At the time, anyway.

I’ve been in Godspell, JATATD, and Babes in Arms. I know some stuff from Oliver, Newsies and JC Superstar. I’m very trainable. I can also sing just about any part other than bass.

I was in a school play once.

Oh, and I’m English (does that count as a plus?).


Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

WAG, but Josaeph and the amazing …