Director Kevin Smith plans 'Clerks' sequel


I wonder if it will revolve around the same characters.

If Smith decides to kill off Dante again, I hope he keeps it in the script.

*Clerks *was one of only two Smith movies I liked (the other was Chasing Amy) so I look forward to it. I just wish he’d rename it… the title leaves a bit to be desired.

Didn’t he already do this? Animated? On TV?

Not that I’m necessarily complaining (although I fail to see anything compelling or interesting in Clerks), but still…

Oh well. Guess he’s returning to his roots after Jersey Girl.

Fuckin’ finally.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back was originally supposed to be called Clerks 2: Still Clerkin’ and it was going to center around Dante, Randall, Jay and Silent Bob saving the Quick Stop from bankruptcy.

But then he said screw it and made Strike Back, which is nice, but the dumbest out of the whole Jersey Trilogy by far.

He needs to return to New Jersey. Living in California has ruined him.

Smith has a long history of saying he’s going to make “X” next and “X” either never appears or takes a long time.

I believe it when it goes into production. Until then, I’m not going to hold my breath.

Whatever movie he makes next, he should keep it very low budget. That’s when he does his best stuff.

Fuckity fuck fuck, I can hardly fuckin wait.


Is that from the script?

Right… Whatever.


This has been rumored for a while, but I’d see it if it happens.

I think killing Dante would’ve been a really crappy end to the movie.

But He’s not even supposed to be there today!

Yay! :slight_smile:
His movies are about the only ones that I’ve actually bought new (or requested as presents).

I’m glad. I thought for some reason he was done making movies entirely. :confused:

Clerks was an awesome movie. Nobody in it could act, but the plot and dialog ruled.

Everything after that has been severely disappointing, especially the totally lamebrain idea to have the only parts of Clerks I didn’t like – Jay and Silent Bob – return in a bunch of pointless movies. He went totally fanboy, which is bad because he’s a fanboy of himself.

Clerks 2… scares me. It’s like he wants to try to ruin the only good thing he ever did.

“My girlfriend sucked 37 cocks!!”

“In a row…?”

My college friends and I still quote these lines to each other, and it still cracks us up.

Well, ordinarily I’d share Dan Norder’s pessimism, except that Kevin Smith has gone back to the CLERKS well many times in other media, with the cancelled animated TV show, the ONI comic books, their cameo in JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK and at least one short that I have seen. Being intermittedly exposed to Randall and Dante on and off the last ten years I suppose I can stand to see a sequel of the movie that brought them to the world.

The real questions are: with the shock value gone, will I like them any better in color? Will I like watching 30-somethings who still haven’t gotten their act together as much as I did when I was an aimless twenty-something watching two guys in dead end jobs like me?