Directors Criticisms and Praise About Other Directors

These are all interesting quotes from a lot of guys about other guys (AND about Sofia Coppola, with the quote about her of course being sexist), but shall we do with it? Debate it? There are 68 and a half things to discuss, but I don’t know where to start because it’s too extensive. What point did you want to make?

That had Antonioni directed a thread it would be this one. :slight_smile:

Oh wow, cool, I’m in a Antonioni movie! :D.

Wow. A lot of intense, creative people disagree with the approach taken by a lot of other intense, creative people.

I am shocked. SHOCKED!

OK, one frequent thesis from the OP I can subscribe to wholeheartedly: Godard sucks donkey ass. I’ve seen a many of his films (don’t ask, nouvelle vague films and all (then) modern European cinema were a staple of the night program of German TV in the 80s when I was a teenager looking for movies with, ahem, juicy scenes. It’s how I became a film buff. True story). Everything he ever did was boring, except for when he accidentally documented the emergence of a musical masterpiece, “Sympathy For The Devil” in “One Plus One”. But in this case, he was just lucky to be in the right place at the right time with a camera, I don’t believe he understood the music or the Stones in any way.

Of course, this is only the rough edit of the thread. We will have to wait to see what it looks like after the test postings.

I wanted to like Breathless, I really did. I do give him credit for the amount of films he made in the 60s. Wow. Im not sure he gave himself enough time to develop them.

Vincent Gallo stills owes me $8.50 for my having paid to watch Buffalo '66.

I think that’s the only Godard film I’ve seen with at least a coherent plot and story. And what could go wrong with a young Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jean Seberg? It also has the advantage of a disastrous Hollywood remake to compare with.


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