Directory of Personal Web Pages?

Is there such a directory?

Every so often while surfin the web I find a “Joe Schmoe’s” web page. Most are lame but some are pretty cool. I found one by some guy who writes his diary on line.

Another by a girl who puts pictures of her cats up.

Some can be pretty fun. Is there a directory or a way to search for these “personal” homepages?

The “random Geocities home page” service (set up by some wag), is available at:

You can now spend your entire day viewing lame home pages!


Geocities opens too many windows. But if you search for web cam pages you can find lots of personal web cams, they are fun.

Northern Light search engine sorts results into various “folders”, one of which is named “Personal Pages”. Just type in anything you’re interested in and look in the personal pages folder.

Happy surfing!