Home Page?

I want to make a home page. I’ve heard of homestead.com through a search. I can’t download. Does anyone have any suggestions? It’s late and I’ve been up for a while, so forgive me for any mispelled word or if I don’t make sense. I might try homestead, now. And please, give me some things I could put in my page. I don’t have a scanner, yet.

Who is Boo Boo?

Assuming you mean “as used on this board”:
“Boo Boo” is a pet name for BratMan007, another SDMB poster.

If you’re not sure about homestead, you can check out other free providers. I use crosswinds. net. Other providers are geocities.com, um, that’s the only one I remember. Check here for more: http://thefreesite.com/Free_Web_Space/. Your ISP probably offers webspace, too.

As to what to put on it–make a page about something interesting to you. A fan page of your favorite [musical artist/book/author/movie/TV show], a hobby page, a page promoting/providing information on your pet cause, etc. If you’re not interested in it, you’ll end up finding it too much of a chore to keep it up (sometimes even if you are interested).

Thanks. How did Brat get the name Boo Boo? Any way I made the home page. the address is http://homestead.com/chick1977/randyroshelle.html
I’m sorry it sucks. But I’m tird and I need a man. I’m cute. I don’t know what the problem is. Please, visit my page?

I highly recommend Freeservers.com ( http//www.freeservers.com ).

You get 20 MB space, no pop-up windows (although you do get ads at the top of your pages), easy to use utilities, and a semi-customizable domain name (ex: http://cybermage.freeservers.com )

Just my $0.02 worth for ya.

Something smells like bullshit. I don’t think it’s my upper lip.

Why would you as who Boo Boo is? You got caught awful fast there.

Randy, Randy, Randy. You’re outta your league there kid.

Funny, they all like the Cardinals.