Web Page help!

Greetings, A question for the good folks of SDMB:

I am thinking about (finally) making a homepage. That said, I am not sure where to begin. I am quite well versed in HTML (raw code, not FrontPage please!) have not FTP issues or the like. What stumps me is content!

I know all of the obvious “what make some web-pages suck” tricks to avoid, what I don’t know is what to put on the page.

What makes it interesting? Stuff like that.

Any suggestions?

To be honest, if you can’t think of anything to put on your web site, maybe you shouldn’t have a web site to begin with.

My own example: I didn’t put up a web site of my own until three or four years since they started picking up steam. Before then, I kept asking myself, “What do I have that would actually interest people? Who would want to come to a page that’s just about me, my dog, and my resume?”

I finally put up a web site because I dig through my disk drive and found a number of FAQs and information references that other people do find interesting. My site has some less-than-earthshaking stuff on it, but there’s still some (relatively) important content, and very little me-and-my-dog-and-my-resume fluff.

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I never look at webpages that say things like “this is my house, here are my cats, this is my new car”. YAWN!

Perhaps you can do a semi-scientific experiment like:
The Stinky Feet Diaries (man infects feet with athlete’s foot) or Decomposition Experiment (which will decompose first: Twinkie or SnoBall?)

I know it sounds cliche, but what are you passionate about? If you want to have any appreciable amount of content - especially if you want to add content on a regular basis - something that you’re enthusisastic about is probably the only thing that will yield anything of worth.

Just my $0.02, of course. Then again, my site’s name is Six Degrees of Nothing, so you may want to take this with a block of salt. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re bored & you do a web site its going to show.

Naked doper chicks seem to gather a lot of attention from the board.

As are web pages about things that people shouldn’t talk about.

Avoid any flashing text or making pages too ‘busy’.

Um…CITE! :slight_smile:

It’s a tough call - I’ve been very unsuccessful setting up web sites due to the content issue.

But I have found success in setting up a Message Board. And I get to use all of my HTML and web skills in running with it. You might consider that as an option.

Be creative, write your own stories, reviews, ratings, collect jokes, show us your talent, show us you cat or your dog (so some people don’t like this, others do), share your worldly experiences, tell us about your last trip to Antarctica, dedicate a site to experiments (already covered), be funny, be straight, show us your artwork, or your needlecraft, are there things you know that others don’t, then give us the benefits of your life experience, what do you do as a job, can other people learn from what you know (share your knowledge, it’s one way to achieve immortality), design smilies and let people vote on them, create music and make MP3’s. There is a world just waiting for you to contribute. Just Do It.

Yeah, just do something. The very worst that can happen is nobody will look at it, and that’s not going to kill you. Do the “here’s a picture of my cat” thing if you like. Put something weird up maybe. If you’ve got the webspace, and you want to play around with site construction, then who cares if you’ve got no content.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Here’s What My Cat Looks Like (no really)

Classic Mail Boxes of Seattle

101 Jokes about Tibetan Podiatrists

How to build a Vegemite-powered sub-orbital vehicle from household items

Short Stories by the Voices in my Head
Go on. Get out there and build your site.