Dirty Sexy Money returns tonight

This was my favorite new show last year. It feels like ages since it’s been on, but I’m really looking forward to getting reacquainted.

I just hope they didn’t make any major changes.

They made major changes.

That wasn’t fun - the tone changed. There was no lightness in that episode. There was no hint of the absurd. I didn’t laugh. It took itself to soberly and seriously and if it happens again next week, I’m done.

I finally was able to watch it last night. I thought it did have a bit heavier tone, but I still enjoyed it, and the fire was a surprise.

I really didn’t enjoy the last episode. It’s always been kind of a soap opera, but there was just too much over the top ridiculousness in this one (a platoon of guys with silver briefcases marching into the courtroom to pay Letitia’s bail? Come on.). I’ll keep watching it, but I hope they rein it in just a little bit.

This thread is so lonely, it keeps sliding out of sight before I get a chance to watch the episodes.

I did enjoy the last episode, but I’ll grant that some of the oomph has gone out of the show.

I can never figure out if Tripp is trying to ruin Nick’s life or if he just accidentally is doing it.

For me, last season’s scene with “Rebecca Colfax, Darling family publicist,” Tripp yelling “Did you take my notebook” to Brian Jr. (who was pretending to be Gustav, the mute Swedish orphan) in Swedish, the Juliet stand-in, and the lions all gathered for the family photograph was way more over the top than the silver briefcases. Quite frankly, the briefcases were rather ordinary and expected. And less fun than lions.

jsgoddess, I haven’t gotten around to removing it from my TiVo. I’ll watch this thread to see if I should bother watching tonight’s episode.

Oh, something from last week. Did anyone else expect some fallout from the eulogy Patrick wrote for Carmelita? Like, perhaps, he didn’t change all of the Carmelitas to Ellens and he left the speech behind for someone to find?