Dis poster shoulda toined left..

Hi, everyone, long-time lurker, first-time poster.

I was gonna write something utterly profound and thought-provoking on this, my inaugural SDMB missive. But the brain ain’t up to “Moby-Dick” tonight, so I’ll just start with “howdy,” and see how far that takes me.

Also, I THINK I just read elsewhere that the signature I prepared won’t be seen unless I become a paying subscriber, so I’m going to lay it on you here and now, and then banish it to the archives.

See you all on the boards!


“I’m well past debauchery. It depresses me when I fail, and embarrasses everyone else when I try.” --me

Anyway, somebody else already wrote Moby Dick.

Moby Dick, sure. But the OP is thinking about Moby-Dick, which is the story of Richard Melville Hall’s genitalia.

Yeah, don’t think you can get away with plagiarizing Led Zeppelin tunes around here.

Hi! Howya doin’?

Welcome, welcome! Would you like a cookie?

Moby’s tube? I hear it’s all twisty.

And we can use non-ASCII Unicode characters like ū in our usernames now? Cool! 'Cause I’m totally going to change my username to something like “Þór 菜. McЖеня”. :slight_smile:

I would, in fact, like a cookie. Thank you.

And yes, apparently these new-fangled character sets are all the rage. All the cool kids are doing it.

Thanks for the welcome :slight_smile: <=== old-school smiley


edit: dagnabbit, how do I turn off the emoji?

Can we call you Ishmael?


Welcome, longtime lurker/new(ish!) joiner!

Eskimo. Eskimo.

Check the box that says, “Disable smilies in text.” :slight_smile:

(This’ll be under Go Advanced, not Quick Reply.)

Welcome, c.a.!

Inuit. Inuit.


I’m obliged. :slight_smile: