Disappearing river

And now for my next magic trick I will make a major river disappear.

Go to Google Maps. Set in on satellite view. Locate Brattleboro, Vermont. You’ll see the Connecticut River forming the border between Vermont and New Hapshire. But now switch it to map view and - voila - a fifteen mile stretch of the Connecticut River has disappeared.

We have a disappearing stream on our property. The stream flowed vigorously 18 years ago, but when they built a housing development across the street, the flow was cut nearly off. That blunder was partly the reason they chose to make the property next door a forest preserve. The Army Corps of Engineers came in and found that stuff wasn’t done right. So now we’re protected. Yeah, baby!

Well, poo. I thought this’d be about the Colorado or Rio Grande.

Okay, seriously then. Why is Google Maps missing a long stretch of the Connecticut River on its site? Are there other sizable geographic features that are absent?

My WAG is that because of the terrain (the Conn. River Valley is pretty narrow there), I-91, train tracks, and the VT/NH border occupy approximately the same space on the map (depending on your zoom level), and that stretch of blue line representing the Connecticut River is sucking hind tit in the pecking order of features in that particular space. So it got left off there.

There also appears to be an impoundment south of Brattleboro; if that has anything to do with anything, I dunno.

Several years back, I was hiking along Barton Creek in Austin, TX. I was on the east bank, hiking downstream- the water was flowing too fast and too deep for me to swim to the other side to where my friends were waiting. I hiked downstream about a hundred yards or so, and then crossed the dry riverbed to get over to the west bank, then walked back upstream to my friends. My feet remained completely dry- and I hadn’t crossed a bridge or jumped over any water.

That was really weird.

Every illegal alien over the last 15 years has had the power to make the Rio Grande vanish.

Some streams drop into a cave for a stretch, then re-emerge someplace else. I was told the Humboldt River simply evaporates for part of the year.