Disappointing Chick Tracts

I always make a point of picking up Chick Tracts whenever I see someone handing them out. I hang on to them and other religious tracts that I find especially entertaining, and have amassed a nice little collection.

Hadn’t gotten any CT in a while, so I was pleased when I saw the guy handing them out the other day. Made a beeline to him and he gave me 2 - Set Free, and One Way.

Well, my pleasure was short-lived when I opened them and found them a far cry of what I expected of a CT. The former was just a series of bible verses with a tail-less cartoonish devil tying people to a post. The latter contained no commentary at all, and was simply a series of drawings of people tainted by Adam and Eve’s sin, deciding whether to follow the One Way to cleanse themselves.

I wouldn’t have thought it possible that they could actually dumb down Chick Tracts any more than they already were, but it appears they have found a way to do just that! I’m so disappointed! Good thing I also picked up a Prayer Rug that is “soaked with the power of prayer.” As I look into Jesus’ eyes they appear closed, but as I continue, they open and look back at me! It’s a miracle I tell you!

We got one of those prayer rugs once. I couldn’t get it to work. Must have been defective.

The Hawking Drive was probably shot.

I haven’t seen Chick tracts since my old truck-driving days. I’d see them all the time laying around in the driver’s lounge at various truck stops.

Where do they hand them out now?

Yeah, where do you get these. I would SO love to start my collection.

Some jerk handed one to my six year old a couple weeks ago, after I’d already turned him down. Hadn’t seen one in the wild in a while.

BTW, although Chick tracts are theoretically “art and literature” they’re traditionally discussed in the Pit, where you’re more likely to encounter their “fans”.

I generally get mine in downtown Chicago. For the last couple of years I think it has been the one gentleman handing them out. So many folks pass him by, he seems generally pleased when I accept what he’s offering. Yesterday a.m. he was at the Madison Street bridge.

When I realized that folks paid for the tracts they handed out (and they’re not cheap!), I almost felt a little guilty. Almost.

One of my all time fave tracts was from Tony Alamo’s Musicbox Church, disclosing the evil that was the Fugitive Nazi Pope John Paul.

Well, the first thing that the chick tract set upon my mind as a comic reading eigth grader was its pure bullshit epistemology. The preachers son befriended me and took upon me the great comission asnd judgement. He gave me my first propaganda, and awakened me to the world.

I used to pick them up at airports and train stations and such. If you go to Chick’s Web Site you can order an assorted one hundered or so for about 10 bucks. That was my contribution to the office White Elephant gift exchange last year.

Awesome, thanks!

We just received one in the mail a couple of months ago. You have to be careful when you take them out of the envelope - that’s where they’re most prone to breaking. :wink:

Like Zambini57, I haven’t seen anyone handing them out in a while. (The only place I see them anymore, are linked to by the SDMB.) The last time I actually got a hard copy of a tract was probably about 20 years ago.

Oh come on… those two particular tracts may be on the minimalist side, but there are some good riffs there. **Set Free ** introduces us to that most exalted of the Heavenly Host, the almighty Scissor Angel. Remember, God loves you; and if you will only accept him into your heart, he will send an eerily grinning man with a pair of shears to find you.

**One Way ** teaches us that Sin is basically tree shit.

Granted, neither one is Big Daddy, but every swing can’t be a home run, you know.

Set Free has great artwork- the new black version doesn’t have as good art. One Way is okay, but there’s a version for American Indians that depicts Indians as drunkards, adding stereotypes into the mix.