Discourse malfunction {and how to look up your Discourse Theme}

As you post a reply, you’ll find that the “minimize the composer panel” function is on the fritz. Instead of minimizing, it now always just deletes, instead.
Can discourse be contacted about this to rectify this?

I moved it to Site Feedback.

Please let them know what browser you use and what SDMB theme.
Operating System wouldn’t hurt either.

minimize the composer panel works fine in Chrome on a Win 11 machine and the Discourse Classic Theme.

Where do I look for the SDMB theme?
(Chrome, Win 10)

As recently as last week this wasn’t an issue.

In the upper right hand corner of Discourse should be your Avatar, click that first. Then the last symbol (the person) will take you to your user menu.

It can be found under Preferences and then Interface.

Ah, thanks.
Straight Dope Light.
Hopefully final dumb question - what’s “operating system”?

In your case Windows 10.
Basically Operating System is typically Windows, Apple, Linux or Chrome and the version.

operating system (OS) is system software that manages computer hardware, software resources, and provides common services for computer programs.

:man_facepalming: thx

Ah - works - and realising, now, that something has to be entered into the text box for that minimizing function to work.

Just to verify, no problem then?

All good, thanks.

Cool, no need for the bat signal.