Discourse malfunction?

Is it just me? Iphone xr ios 15.6.1
The forums are randomly all mixed up, and then not. The threads are all jumbled together, I might see the thread about wholesalers from Factual Questions in Cafe Society alongside something from P&E or Great Debates, until I do something to refresh the screen. Then it all goes back into proper … order, i guess.

ETA this only happens when I’m not logged in.

Sorry, not trying to be a butt.
It looks like if you’re reading but not logged in the threads are not sorted by forum, they are just listed in order of most recent time stamp.

You can set your default home page to show Categories, New, Latest, Top, or Unread. But that only works if you’re logged in. I think Latest is the default, and that’s what you’ll see if you’re not logged in.

It’s not just you and I am always logged in.

It was confusing me yesterday, I would click on a category and see threads from random categories all mixed up. Like I went into the BBQ Pit and I saw P&E and FQ threads mixed up with Pit threads, and no pinned topics.

If I left that page and went back it was fine. Not a huge problem but weird. It happened 3 or 4 times. I don’t think I’ve seen it yet today but I haven’t been on the board much (work is very busy).

I am also on 15.6.1, in my case using iPhone 13 Pro Max. And I’m on Safari.

I can’t remember if my PC was messing up or not.

Happened for me yesterday on iOS also. Today as well. Works fine on PC. Only seem to happen the first time I click a forum heading.

Happened to me earlier today.

Cleared up on a reload. Non reproducible.

Huh. It happened to me twice yesterday. I’d assumed I clicked on something unintended but it was just like you described. I’m using Chrome on Android 12.

I was under the impression that the default could also be set by forum owner. And that the SDMB had set Categories as the default.

That has been my experience when I have been logged out before (usually when using a new device or browser). The front page (https://boards.straightdope.com/) always takes me to the Categories view. The only difference is that there is a notification on top saying I’m not logged in.

Happened to me on the SDMB “app” using Android 13 and Chrome, just going to the Game Room instead. Refreshing the page fixed it.

It’s been happening to me all day today. I am always logged in. I just now clicked on Cafe Society and at the top showed the current BBQ Pit transphobic thread.

This is new behavior by the software.
Before it was just normal, categories(ugh! Forums is better) and it you clicked a forum there would be the stickies at the top then the various threads listed in order of most recent posting for only that forum. This was the norm logged in or not.

Now, when not logged in I land on categories(sigh) and then select a forum and ALL the threads are listed in order of most recent post for the entire site. There is no sorting threads into the various forums.

Yeah, it sounds like an update introduced a bug. Looks like it’s intermittent and affects both Android and iOS mobile devices.

I’m logged in. Mundane is very badly messed up with threads from other categories.