Discourse/SDMB and browser history

I usually read the SDMB in the Chrome browser on my phone. This morning I went to look in my browser history for a non-SDMB article that I had read yesterday, and saw that my browser history was full of SDMB links. And not only that, but sometimes 20, 30 or more consecutive links to the same thread!

So what’s going on here? It looks like each individual post in a thread get saved as a separate link in my browser history. Is this a Discourse thing or is there a way I can fix this in my browser so that I only get one link in my history per thread visited?

It is a Discourse thing, and while it isn’t every post, as far as I can recall it is every time you scroll through a thread. This is not a feature, but a bug that is unlikely to be fixed.

Hopefully someone on the Discourse team will tell me I am mistaken and this is getting fixed in the next major update.

I think it’s a Discourse thing. As you scroll through a thread, the exact URL changes to include a numerical reference to the specific post you’re reading. This allows you to link to a specific post within a thread, but it also means that your browser history includes links to multiple posts within a thread.

It does clutter up the browser history. I thought of using a separate Firefox profile just for the SDMB, which would at least isolate this behavior, but I haven’t bothered.

It doesn’t do that if you use the discourse app.