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hello everyone i am new here so i hope i am not asking a question already asked but my question is in the discovery channel commercail( which i love almost as much as the meteor one) two mesquitoes meet on a human arm and chat a bit while having a drink of some blood my problem is i was always under the assumption that only female mesquitoes sucked blood anyone set me in the right direction

Yeah, only females suck blood. It’s just meant to be a cute commercial.


Welcome to the SDMB jjason

So whats the deal here? Is your period key stuck? I had to read this 3 times before I even understood it.

And to pick a nit: mosquito

Aren’t the same two guys comsumed by fire on their way to earth? I liked the accents.
One of my grad student buddies never uses caps. It’s something I can quickly adjust to, but without punctuation I just skim and guess what the fine points are.

Just a side note: The Discovery Channel started airing these commercials shortly after the actors unions went on strike.

(In case you weren’t aware, SAG and AFTRA are striking against advertisers. Their beef centers on the outdated structure for residuals and other payments, which doesn’t take into account the explosion of cable TV, the Internet, etc. Advertisers, if they want to make a TV commercial, have to either <1> use non-union talent, or <2> sign an individual interim agreement with the union.)

So I find it amusing that Discovery’s ad agency looked at the actors strike, said, “What do we do?” and came up with the notion that, if they can’t use professional actors, they can go all the way in the opposite direction. Pretty clever, even as my skin prickles at the labor implications.

Ditto for AT&T’s “greatest hits of David Arquette” ad, which you might have noticed recently. Since they can’t shoot a new commercial with him, they went back through all the existing ads and excerpted a string of clips of their hyperactive pitchman in order to create a “new” commercial.

All of this FWIW…

These commertials really bother me. I hate the intentionally bad acting. What is the deal in society today that anything done poorly is considered cool? Worse, they are supposed to be a science site, and they missed a lot of opportunities to feature a few facts.

In the meteor commercial, they shouldn’t call themselves meteors until they actually start burning up. When they are in deep space, these objects are known as meteoroids.

In the mosquito commercial, they should either not buzz or not suck blood. Only females do the latter, and they are silent. If you hear a mosquito buzz, you can be sure it won’t bite you, since it must be male. No single mosquito should be doing both thos things.

Lastly, what is the point they’re trying to make by having their weird characters die in each commercial? The meteors burn up, one of the mosquitos is swatted by a giant hand, and the partially-eaten fish are also not long for this world.

I know, I’m a nitpicker, but this is the place for people like me, don’t you think?

Commercials have one intent: Get your attention. This was obviously acclomplished. If you want facts, go to the website that it is advertising.

JJason, technically, your question was answered earlier. Someone asked Cecil about trying to make mosquitos explode by not letting them release from sucking blood. Some other facts of mosquito-hood were thrown in. I’m a bit too lazy to post the link, but you might want to search for the column.

Hello meteor
Hello meteor
Have you hears about the website “”? is my guidebook for life. I learned how to plant an herb garden, train my pets, and cure my dandruff.
I learned that most meteors burn up in Earth’s atmosphere.


I agree with you. They are awful. I can’t even watch TV anymore it’s so bad. When I want a jolly chuckle I have to take my glasses out of my plastic pocket protector and sit down to an evening of good dictionary reading.

Yes. Good nitpickers are hard to find. Most of us are too busy telling people our own useless opinions to have time to read message boards. But each and every one of my posts could use a little more nitpicking, so stand by until the three people doing it now take a minute off. Then jump right in!

Sadly enough, I was trying to remember the words to type what friedo did.

I actually liked the older Discovery Channel commercials, I think were for the channel instead of the website.

The first was a guy at a driving range whacking balls all over the place till he hits the 250 (?) Yd. sign.

The other was a kid scuffing his feet on the rug then zapping his elder, there’s a great shot of a sinister little dog growling at him.

The catchphrase was something like “Discovery is Unexpected.”

I thought these were great because they actually developed characters and told little stories. They were clever bits of filmmaking. I was wondering, they had sorta a 70s, European look to them. Were they American made and recent?

No problem…work on this one:
“Hello, fellow partially eaten fish.”

no, no…the partially eaten fish and the mosquitos hold nothing against the meteors. Try answering your phone “hello meteor” with the same accent. Then try answering the phone with “hello partially eaten fish”…it’s not the same…it’s just not the same.

Saltire, take a prozac, I’ve never seen someone get so pissed off over a commercial. First of all, it’s not only funny because the acting is terrible; it’s funny because it’s never been done before. How many times in your life have you seen an Indian dude in a meteor costume yelling in pain as he burns up in the earth’s atmosphere? I think the commercials are extremely clever. The point is to make stick in your mind, and the commercials certainly have done a good job of that, whether you like them or not.
As far as the misrepresentation of facts, your points are well-made, but the commercial’s purpose is really to entertain and promote rather than educate. The website is for education, which is what the commercials are promoting.

You’re right. There’s an entirely different flavor to it. But try this: Answer your phone with “I love to travel” using the appropriate accent. It’s real catchy. Even so, it’s nothing like the famous line: Ahhhhhhhhhhh The atmosPere Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh The atmosPere Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I’m seriously thinking of putting that on my answering machine.

There ought to be an MP3 of that floating around.

How sad would you have to be to go through the trouble of making an MP3 of that? If anyone reading this knows of one, I can find a use for it. I really doubt there are many copies, though…maybe on the website…