Discuss embarrassing death with spouse in afterlife?

OK, your spouse Darwin’s him or herself so spectacularly so as to achieve nationwide fame on blooper shows for 25 years.

Years later, you pass away, and before you know it, there, just beyond the Pearly Gates, is your spouse.

Do you ask about the bizarre and infamous circumstances surrounding their death, of do you let it go ?

(I am thinking there might be some broad categories to this, so pick the one(s) you’re comfortable with; death during or as a result of deve sex, unbelievably stupid motoring accident, sporting mishap, bizarre murder scenario, killed by a usually innocuous animal, killed while attempting to fix something)

You want your beer back?

My spouse would be doubled over with laughter and between gasps she’d be saying “It… was… just… like… I thought… it would… … … be!” So no explanation would be necessary.


I’d probably say the cleaning bill, city fines and funeral costs were a bitch, but totally worth it for the LOLZ. And if I was lucky enough to capture her demise on video, I’d update her on the latest YouTube hit count.

Then we’d go smoke a fatty with Jesus.

What is this “let it go” thing of which you speak? I’m not sure you have a spouse, Heyoka, to ask a question like that - we’d be laughing our asses off over it for an eternity. :smiley:

Well, many of these scenarios are funny on the blooper shows. The guy flying over the 52 lined up school buses and crashing 5 feet short of the ramp, various pratfalls and blunders, etc. But some of them, (the guy in Enumclaw springs to mind) are just so over the top . . .


“I had “Here, hold my beer…” engraved on your tombstone, honey.”

If it’s the sort of thing that led to my spouse being flung out of the back of the pickup truck and spreadeagled naked upside-down on a power line or something, yeah, once we were both dead, it would be amusing.

Pretty much all of the above =)

Wanders off to the strains of Hey Bubba Watch This