My Wife found a Dead Guy in our Driveway.

Our neighbor across the street lost his wife a couple of years ago. They were in their late seventies. He took it hard.

When my wife got home the other day there were police cars all over the place. A coroner’s truck had pride of place and people were taking photos. Lloyd was dead in our driveway.

After that, we are sort of guessing. He came over from time to time. Maybe he was feeling ill and wanted some help.

Kind of a shock.

I feel for her, that’s a difficult thing to witness. I’d be comforted in the fact that you were a help to him in his later years.

Wow. I can imagine how unsettling that must be. But dying suddenly, comforted by the certainty help and compassion were near? Not so bad, really. I hope you and your wise aren’t distressed for too long.

He didn’t die alone in his house, he died on his way over to speak to friends. Maybe he felt bad and knew help was close by, or maybe he was just coming over to say “Hi.” Either way, you should both be very proud of the effect you had on his life. Too many of our elders pass without the comfort of a friendly neighbor.

My sympathies for your loss, and for the shock you must feel. Keep reminding each other that you did well by him.

I initially read the title as “Found my wife dead in our driveway.” So at least it wasn’t that. Still, sorry for your neighbor.

All those people there and she found him?

Coulda been worse. I saw it as “I found my wife under a dead guy in our driveway”.

What matters is how you live, not how you die. Thanks for being his friend when it mattered.

I remember showing up at my friends house for our weekly gaming session and finding the same scene next door. His elderly hoarder of a neighbor had died and they were just bringing out the body as I was pulling up next door. Got a lot of looks from the neighbors, cops, and EMS folks.

Wow… that’s rough.

Thank you for being such a comfort to this man, from one stranger on behalf of another. We need more neighbors in the world like you, who know their neighbors and care for those who need care. Even if that care is only an occasional visit and chat.