Dish that looks like it might contain placenta (but doesn't)

To pull a few people’s legs, I would like to serve something - can be anything, from a coockie to a starter - that people might for two seconds believe contains placenta.
The idea is that I can casually say something like “And they say there aren’t any good placenta recipes!” after they’ve taken a bite. Any suggestions?

Eggplant parmesan

It’s basically an organ meat, and so anything with liver or sweetbreads would probably work.

Gross me out the back door. Why would you want to do that?

Practical joke, and innocent at that because it isn’t actually true.

Anyway - perhaps I should have said so in the first place - there really are people on this earth who eat the placenta.

What is the joke?
I may be dense, but I can’t think of any situation where this could/would be funny.
I mean there is the gross-out factor, I guess. If you’re 12- 16 years old. Please explain.

Some of the more crunchy mamas among us actually do eat their placenta after giving birth, though mainly it’s consumed in pill form after cooking, pureeing, and cramming into gelatin capsules.

So it’s not like it’s something out of thin air and conceivably (ha!) something that someone might want to make fun of.

Brisket maybe?

I have no idea what placenta looks like, but I think shaved beef (like for cheesesteaks) in a strongly-seasoned stew would make a pretty believable “placenta” dish.

Well, some sort of organ meat would be better but we want the victims to initially enjoy the dish, yes?

Can you get tripe ( where you are? Although, that may be only marginally more acceptable than human placenta.

Maybe shredded/pulled pork. Or, if you want something that’s not immediately recognizable as pork, maybe jackfruit ( which, I’m told, has a very subtle taste.

Jokes aren’t mature. There is almost no humour that is in completely good taste AND funny.

Okay. I say to each his own. Have fun. Let us know how it goes over.

Exactly. I enjoy off colour stuff and all comedy british.

Meanhile… I was hoping for something uncomplicated; i.e. I see the point in these suggestions, but I am not one for difficult recipes. The eggplant, if googled, is either too recognisable or not enough anymore, if you catch my drift. Right line of thought, though. :slight_smile:


Well here in Adelaide there is a dish explicitly named for this. There remains a dispute about exactly who invented it (two competing shops both claim it) but the dish and place is not in doubt.
Locally known as an AB (afterbirth, or now often abortion) it is a large plate of fried potato chips , meat from the bbq spit (aka donner kebab etc) smothered in garlic sauce, tomato sauce and bbq sauce.
It is the local equivalent of Poutine. Nobody really has a firm idea of the inventors, but the usual story is that is was a group of drunk medical students from a nearby college who both first ordered it and also named it. (I find afterbirth more believable than abortion from medical students.)
However, as to the actual reality of its appearance verus a real afterbirth, I have no experience, and suspect it isn’t exactly a good match.

Dirty rice, you can use chicken livers roughly chopped. Throwing some gizzards and hearts finely chopped.

Add a few green peppers, and perhaps some lettuce, and this is basically what’s called “kebab med strips” in Sweden. Close to a national dish (and tastes real good, too)!