Would you ever eat (or have you ever eaten) human placenta?

Apparently the practice is pretty well-known here in Asia and even somewhat in the West, too. So, I present the following question for discussion: Would you ever or have you ever?

Personally, I wouldn’t go anywhere near that goddamn thing. It looks horribly disgusting.

I know I have a bit of a reputation for eating anything and everything, but human placenta would be a big struggle for me, even if it was minced and prepared so as to resemble something else.

Oddly, animal placenta, although not very high on my shopping list, doesn’t engender the same reaction.

umm, no. I’ve tried a lot of soup in China in my day, but not placenta soup.

BTW, I looked for monkey brain in the 1980’s in SW China and am pretty sure it’s a UL.

We had roast dog a the dinner table a few nights ago during Chinese New Year.

Yeah, sure. Mainly out of curiosity. Probably not anyone else’s - it’s a bit intimate - and probably not an animal placenta (I’m a vegetarian-shading-to-vegan, so it probably doesn’t work for me ethically), but I’ll definitely have a go at my own, whenever I happen to have one.

Can we please not start threads like this when I’m about to go cook lunch? Thanks! Now excuse me, my stomach is doing flip-flops…

I always tell our Interns they should bring a “Moederkoek”(mother cake) for the last day on the job, and when they call me that they can’t find a shop that sells it, I point them to an Italian deli and say they should try there, but Italians call it placenta………
Teenagers do not get enough human anatomy classes

Unca Cecil’s column on the subject.

And absolutely not.

You know, some of us are experiencing morning sickness here - just reading your thread title made me throw up in my mouth a little.

FWIW, in a few months I’ll have my very own fresh picked placenta. I have no plans to eat it, or any other placenta. My FIL has asked if he can use it as bear bait though…

I keep asking for it at restaurants, but they’re always out of it. It must be pretty popular.

Surely I’m not the only one to remember the old SNL ad for “Placenta Helper”!

I remember the ped’s words after our first kid was born, “Here comes the pizza!”
Actually, my wife and I were both really interested in his explanation of the placenta. Not all that often that the average person gets to see a disposable organ…

I haven’t, but hell yes I would. Who doesn’t want to be able to say that they have eaten human? I probably couldn’t stomach much more than a bite, but of course I would at least try it. I ask this same question to friends all the time. Usually when drunk.

I read all about this in Compleat Mother, a hippy mother publication when I was pregnant with one of my children. They suggested you bake it, dry it, pulverize it and put the powder into gelatin capsules and consume it that way. There were all sorts of reasons why it was supposed to be good for you, postpartum-recovery wise.

It was interesting reading but a little extreme for me. But if you’re going to eat the thing, this truly seemed like the least offensive way to go.

That’s not really eating as much as it is simply preparing and ingesting. I let 2 placentae go to waste, but if I were to eat it, I’d definitely have to figure out which mother sauce to use.

I say no.

But shouldn’t this thread be moved to the “Cafe Society” forum? :smiley:

I’ve read of people doing this. I think it’s revolting. I think they’re revolting for doing it. I wouldn’t eat an animal placenta much less a human one. Ugggh.

No way. And you can put me with Terraplane. Sure, live and let live, and it’s not harming anyone, but it is revolting.

No I haven’t - although as a vegetarian in concept I would feel fine about eating it, which squicks out the meat eaters at work! Instead we buried Baby From Mars’s placenta in a pot outside our lounge window, with a Little Gem magnolia ontop. It’s growing great guns - good fertiliser. It looked kind of like liver or steak - not that gross really. I have photos if you’re interested!

Dog’s not so bad. It’s just too stringy, I don’t really like it all that much.

I might be convinced to choke down a piece of some animal’s placenta if it was prepared well enough, but human placenta? Nah, that’s just too close to actually eating a piece of a human.

It’s the baby’s not the mother’s, I don’t believe a infant would be able to physically eat their placenta before the expiration date, but perhaps it could be preserved till the infant is old enough for solid food.

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I remember the ped’s words after our first kid was born, “Here comes the pizza!”


I think you just about ruined pizza for me forever. Thanks, bud.