Dishwasher not working

The lights are lit and the timer counts down the hours on a continual cycle.
All buttons are not responsive.
I have turned off the breaker for one minute then turned on but nothing changes.
It is not child locked.
Any suggestions?

Child lock was my first thought, but you eliminated that already.

Is there anything stopping the door from closing properly? Something jammed or maybe broken?

I don’t know about your particular model, but the ones that I have seen have a separate controller board for the buttons and main control board that operates the dishwasher. Sometimes the button controller is bad, and sometimes the problem can be with the main control board. For example, it could have a fault where it’s not sending a high enough voltage to the button controller and the buttons then won’t scan.

Some models have flood and leak protection. There might be a float that is part of this system that is stuck, or some other sensor that is malfunctioning and making the dishwasher think that it is flooding your kitchen when it really isn’t.

My first thought when I saw the title was to tell your dishwasher to pack up and GTFO without severance. Then I saw you reference a machine.
Leave the power off over night. Sometimes a breaker off/on for a minute doesn’t quite discharge everything or let the heat fully dissipate.
Does the cycle eventually complete? Is your incoming water valve clicking? Are the lights lit in some type of code? Can you access the board to see if it is wet or has that “smell” that technicians know all to well?
Summer storms lately or power flickers? My gut feel from miles away is your control board fried - probably some type of power surge or age related component deterioration. Can’t sell someone a new one if their old one still works.

ETA: or one of your buttons stuck on.

Strangely, the dishwasher was working again this morning.

Could be the membrane switch (control panel to control board). The printed “wire run” can sometimes return an intermittent loss of continuity as it ages.