Dishwasher repair

Where is the water pump on a GE Potscrubber 360?

Without a model number I can’t narrow it down any further, but here’s a list of GE Dishwasher pumps. Sometimes it’s easier to find it if you know what you’re looking for.
I’d imagine it would be located underneath the dishwasher, roughly in the middle somewhere.

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You can usually find the model number either on the side of the door, or where the door seals to the unit. With that information, you can go to the GE appliances site and look up the user’s/installers manual, which might tell you what you need to know.

Thanks. We’re restoring a mobile home, and the DW doesn’t drain. I’ll look for numbers Saturday or Sunday.

Does the dishwasher run OK otherwise? Usually, the same pump that drains the DW is the same one that circulates the water during a wash or rinse cycle, and it’s up to valves opening or closing that cotrols the function.

If water is circulating for a wash, the pump is OK, and the problem is probably either the timer not commanding the drain valve to open, the wiring has broken/corroded, or the drain valve is kaput.

Tough Question time. How old is the dishwasher? When $300 can buy a new basic DW, it’s often not worth putting much money or labor into an old one.

Yeah, I can get one for $199.00. We’re going to rent it, though, and I am An Evile Slumlord. :slight_smile: We’re going to rent it to Mrs. Plant v.1.0, much having been destroyed by Mrs. Plant v.2.0. (I know, This Cannot End Well.) Perhaps v.1.0 will lay out $200.00 if she picks it out.
I have the model number, but would wake up v.3.0 if I went out to get the notebook from the car.
I did fix Mama Plant’s by removing the pump and cleaning the dishwasher stew out of it.

GSD650X 68WB

I can Google parts and sales, but no diagram showing where the pump is.

Try this.

Clicking on each diagram opens up a page with a closer look at it (and a parts/pricing list). The diagrams are exploded, but you’re a Doper, so you should be able to figure it out.

BTW, I got this result by populating the search field with “GSD650X 68WB parts,” then hitting Enter. Once that page of results came up I instructed Google to switch from “Search” to “Images.” That gave me my choice of images to select from.


The pump is dead center under the main spray arm, and it fails the fix vs replace math. Replacing a $145 part when you can replace the whole machine for $200 is a poor investment, especially since the dishwasher is so old that the original pup is no longer available. GE is making a universal replacement that may need some adapting or canoodling to fit, at least.

I agree.
Thanks again.

Just out of curiosity, what all are you doing to it? (The home, I mean.)

My Ex and I lived there, she during our divorce. Her dogs destroyed the carpet, and we are replacing it with vinyl tile. The trim around doors needs to be replaced. Today I worked on a section of wall in the dining room where she put a china cabinet over an air conditioner vent and the condensate made the thin sheet rock fall apart.
Normal wear and tear like painting water discolored ceilings, and the foot valve on the well pump failed. I added a baseboard heater in the dining room several years ago and would like to install more to offset the cost of heating with propane.
Sanding and painting the edges of cheap counter top that the vinyl had peeled off of.

Oh good—I just wanted to make sure you weren’t going overboard. I made that mistake about 15 years ago and have been regretting it ever since. Bought an old junker and put about 50k into it, and that’s just materials. I did almost all the work myself. New roof, heater, air conditioner, filled in all the lines in the wallboard and sprayed them with mud to make it look like drywall, redid the bathroom, counters, the list is endless. Biggest mistake I ever made in my life. Should have put all that time and money towards graduate school. The only advantage to it is that I now have a free place to live, because I rent out the master bedroom and that covers the space rent and utilities. But I regret the decision every day. It’s not like I’ll ever get my money back if I sell it. In today’s market, I would be lucky to get 50k for it. And it’s on a big lot in Simi Valley—it’s not like I live in a trailer park in Pacoima that is littered with empty Sudafed boxes and acetone cans. What you’re doing is appropriate—just enough to make it marketable and nothing more.

We will rent it to a friend. It’s on five acres I own in the woods where we would like to build a house. My Wife and I both inherited out parent’s homes, and we may be able to sell one or both to build a house and live in the trailer while it is being built.