Disintegration of Chewing Gum

Sorry to argue against those who say that
this phenonmena is caused by heat or oral
enzymes… but I think you’re wrong. I
am a constant gum-chewer, and the only
time I’ve ever had my gum disintegrate is
a) at moments of high sexual arousal, or
b) while experiencing the effects of the
drug Ecstacy.

This leads me to believe that somehow the
release of endorphins (caused by either sex
or drugs) causes a breakdown effect in the
glue-like consistancy of chewing gum.

Just an interesting idea that I wanted to
have you all read.


I just had a flashback to my younger wilder days and recall my chewing gum completely disintegrating in about 10 seconds out of the blue . . however, instead of Ecstasy, I believe I had been partying with a different type of . . . <ahem> . . . stimulant.

I think you are on to something . . .

I’m not a major gum-chewer, but I HAVE chewed on a single wad for upwards of ten hours straight. The only brand that has disintegrated on me, ever, was Icebreakers (my preferred brand, actually).

All gum is not the same. Or, rather, Your Mileage May Vary.

Or maybe I’m just aroused all the time.

Everyone I ever asked about this thought I was insane until now. I have always wondered why this happened to me. I’ve ONLY experienced it during passionate kissing, and it happens every time. I am sure it’s not related to anything else because I am a gum addict and go through a pack a day. During any other situation, nothing happens to my gum, but I’ll do a few controlled experiments and see if anything else may trigger the sudden disintigration of my gum.

Having just graduated from Rocket Science High School, I deduce that y’all are referring to the column, Does passionate kissing cause your chewing gum to disintegrate?.

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