Why does chewing gum melt or sort of fall apart in my mouth if I've been crying?

Question is in the title.

I’m assuming it must be some sort of chemical reaction but, what specifically is happening.

Could be tear duct drainage entering your nasal cavities and dripping down into your throat, producing enough fluid and mucus to soften gum.

Didn’t the 1910 Fruitgum Company have a song about that?

I don’t know about the song. :slight_smile:

But thanks for the answer. I was crying so much yesterday about Ukraine, my gum just sort of disintegrated and it made me curious.

Dunno, but it sure loses its flavo(u)r on the bedpost overnight.

That’s the whole reason my bed has no posts.

Some interesting speculation, and maybe info, here:

And a single comment on that column here, with speculation about stress-induced ketones in the saliva:

Are you chewing your usual gum? I notice if I buy gum from Aldi it isn’t as rubbery as other brands. Less chicle in it or something? I don’t know…