Disneyland and the Sybonese Liberation army parodied...can this show get any wierder?

Awesome episode of Venture Bros this evening. I like how each episode brings up a little more about Dr. Venture’s past- “Riding on the coattails of his father’s corpse”.

Gotta love the henchmen in this series. The mundane banter just cracks me up-

Henchman 1: “Your bag has snaps. Mine has velcro”

Henchman 2: “Yeah, I joined up years ago…GAKKK!” Brock pole-vaults off his throat

Great Quotes

Walt Brisbee: “I built an empire out of a cartoon bee! Dr. Venture, did you think I was so stupid as toWOOAAAHHHHH!” falls down stairs

Molotov Coctease: “Ah, nyet! You know I can only go to second base!”

Brock: “STILL?! And I thought the Cold War was OVER!”


No. no. No! It’s Sybianese Liberation Army. They plan to overthrow our fascist capitalist military industrial complex society through the use of really sophisticated vibrators. To quote their founder “The revolution has come! We will shake your corporate ivory towers to pieces!”

“Jeez, Ted, those hats really worked. Did you turn them all the way up to ‘Patty Hearst’?”

I’m really starting to like this show. :slight_smile:

That show is crazy funny. Hell, the title sequence alone is one of the best things on TV.

Will nobody free the Symbonians?

The “chloral hydrate” line sounded familiar. I’m sure it is from a movie of some sort, where our hero gets knocked out and mumbles “chloral hydrate” as he does so. Maybe a Schwarzenegger movie? Any takers?