"I bet he's got a HUGE mushroom down there!"

Did anyone see the second episode of the Venture Brothers? Great stuff!

No villans, but some interesting backstory on the Professor.

I loved how they threw in the sexual tension between the two astronauts. Any guess as to what Lt. Baldovich looked like? Everytime she took her helmet off, everybody winced when they looked at her (implying she was ugly) but I had thought that maybe they would show her face and have it turn out to be something funny (like she’s beautiful except for having a lazy eye, or there’s something stuck in her teeth, or something mundane like that).

Favorite quotes-

Astronaut- “Don’t play dumb with me! I shook his hand, it was all fat and stubby. I bet he’s got a HUGE mushroom down there, what, is there a smurf living in it or something?”

It was great. I loved it.

Favorite Moments
-Dr. Venture relieving himself in his space suit

-The Venture brothers watching Brock bang the ugly chick with the hot body all the while thinking he’s fighting the phantom space dude

-The brothers kicking Helper’s ass

-The brothers: It’s on. It’s off. It’s on. It’s off. […] Now it’s just “regular” on.

-Brock kicking the Gargantuan One astronaut’s ass because he put his hand on his shoulder.

-And, of course, the title of the OP

Hell, the Problem indicator was funny in and of itself!

Good stuff. I’m hooked.

I got the impression this show is a parody of Johnny Quest among others :smiley:

Somethin’ like that…

Anyone see the latest episode? Best damn one yet. This show is beggining to live up to my expectations. I giggled over the scorpian and tarantula fighting to the death, I cracked up over Tiger bombs, and I guffawed over the line “Alright, once your done getting over this freudian phase…”. If the rest of the episodes in this season are as good as this latest one, you can bet I’ll be buying it on DVD when it’s released. The show seems to be already developing a fan base.