DisneyWorld: Hall of the Presidents

Is Barack Obama in the Hall? If so, where is he positioned?
This is one exhibit I find both interesting and slightly creepy at the same time-FDR (in his wheel chair looks alive). Is any video online?

Yes, since 2009. Pretty much front and center as I believe the current president usually is.

As a mouse resident and frequenter I can attest to the above

I’m not sure I would have recognized him if I didn’t know who he was.

Yeah, some of the likenesses are better than others. (I find the Reagan attempt to be particularly odd-looking.)

Is that Andrew Jackson back there? He looks like he just got out of bed after the most epic bender in the history of benders

Behind Grant? I think that’s James Buchanan.

Yes, James “Bad Hair Day” Buchanan.

Eh, he was just sporting a mullet-y Mohawk before they became fashionable. The Texas judge gives him a solid 7.9 for effort.

Don’t be too hard on Jackson. When he was in his teens–during the Revolution–he refused to shine a British officer’s boots and the officer struck him in the face with his sword. Andy was a fighter all his life.