Disposable razors: women's better than men's?

Not that I’ve used or use women’s razors, mind you. But whenever a sister or girlfriend has decided to shave her legs with my Sensor Excel, the blade dulls mighty quickly. I believe women are much savvier shoppers than men (when buying conventional items, at least) as well. Shaving companies may benefit from making higher quality razors for women than men if it is true women are pickier consumers knowing few men would use women’s blades or razors anyway. Since this board is gender-diverse, is it true women’s blades or razors are better quality: last longer, do a better job, etc.?

Not in my experience. I’ve had to resort to using one of my wife’s razors a few times ( fresh ones only and only when I found mine were all gone). I couldn’t tell any difference in longetivity or quality.

On the brighter side, check out the Schick Extreme III for men. I’m getting really great shaves and the edge is lasting much longer than my typical blades. I think it’s because the blades are spaced a bit further apart and it’s designed to clean out better. Highly recommended… Of course, that’s probably the death sentence for them because once their stockholders get wind of the fact that the razors last longer (therefore they sell fewer of them), that will be “fixed”.

Get a men’s razor and a woman’s razor of similar make. (Men’s and women’s excel for instance)

Shave one half of your face with one, and the other half with the other.

Observe which one dulls faster over time…

I think they are both the same, with different colored plastic is all…

Hey, with a name like Joey Blades, the guy’s gotta know what he’s talkin’ agout, right?

Uh, the reason your razor dulls faster is because she has a lot more surface area to cover than you do when shaving.

I use men’s razors to shave my legs - I get almost no nicks or cuts with them - they seem to be better balanced or something.

Here’s Cecil’s take on the whole thing:


I don’t think the blades are any different, but I do think there’s a slight difference in angle - the relation of the head to the handle. If I try to shave my legs with one of those cutsie pink razors, I usually nick the hell out of my ankles. I use a men’s disposable - it seems to have the right angle for my curves.

I prefer to use a razor marketed to men, when I DO use a razor, as opposed to waxing or creams. I think that men’s razors are sharper and generally do a better job. That’s just my experience, though.

I’ve used women’s disposable razors for years. There really is a difference. Not only do they give a closer shave, they last much longer.