Distorted photos on my laptop?

Last few months, photos stored on my laptop’s hard drive, viewed in Photoshop or Windows, sometimes have these weird green and orange shapes, mirroring the shapes of objects (peoples’ bodies, or horizons or whatever) that sometimes go away if I adjust the angle of the monitor. is this a sign that my monitor needs replacing, or fixing, or adjustment? Does this happen to monitors after a while, or is it related to the program the photos are in, or what? Anyone know what this is?

Ghosts and orbs.

Seriously, take a screenshot, upload it somewhere, and let us have a gander. I can’t see why digital photos would decay, so it’s probably your monitor - but just to be sure.

If they disappear if you adjust the angle of the monitor it seems to me you’ve just discovered the common artifacts LCD-screens display when viewing them at the wrong angle.

Do show us some examples of weirdness that doesn’t go away though.