Disturbing my slumber with crime.

I am sick and tired of being raped while I am asleep. I am no dummy. I am not a racist. I am a straight, male. I am not a Christian. This crap needs to stop. I yearn for justice. My muscles rage with thoughts of anger and revenge. —Who is with me?

My advice: if you are on drugs or meds, stop them.

If you aren’t taking any meds, see a good psychatrist and start taking them.

Reported for forum change, at least.

i’d like a little explanation. you see, it doesn’t seem to matter to anyone whether if you’re a dummy, a racist, gay, or a christian.

It seems unlikely that a person would be repeatedly physically raped while they are asleep (unless they have some sort of condition that prevents them waking). So it sounds like maybe the OP is using the term ‘rape’ as an analogy for some other sort of perceived or actual violation.

he says his slumber is disturbed regularly.

Maybe he was … gassed.

Well, yes, but taken all together, it sounds like ‘rape’ might actually mean something else in this context. I could be wrong.

I suspect we may never get to find out though.

Is that that Punisher reboot they were talking about at Marvel? It’s a nice intro speech.

William Chester Minor believed he was being raped (literally, not metaphorically) every night while he slept.

So it’s possible that the OP is similarly afflicted.

Well, I definitely read his username in an unfortunate way at first which made for a nice name / post combo at least.

he was the madman from the professor and the madman right? great book

I was thinking more of Why Do All These Homosexuals Keep Sucking My Cock?

Is it insertive or receptive rape?

I am not a psychiatrist, so please take what I’m about to say with a few kilos of salt, but…

When I was in social services, I had a schizophrenic client who had delusions of nighttime anal rape. Obviously very traumatic for the client, but there was also another issue: though he was outwardly very “macho” (for lack of a better choice of words) and very homophobic, he was also really REALLY gay. My theory is that his delusions of anal rape stemmed from his homosexual tendencies and his inability to reconcile them with his hatred of gays.

Or something.

You too?

I thought it was some sort of joke OP. To me it reads like a parody of something, though Og knows what.

I wager 50 quatloos that the OP is not coming back.

If you reads it in Popeye’s voice, yes.

Perhaps he’s taking a nap.