Division Playoffs (NFL)

Needed a thread for this, since nothing seems to be applicable other than the general playoffs thread.

Saints reaming the Cardinals. I didn’t see the start of the game, but I will say this: when I first saw who the referee was, I knew that the game would be poorly officiated. And I’m right; Warner gets hit in the head by a hand and there is no flag; Brees gets tapped on the helmet by a hand and the flag nullifies an interception. Third down pass by Brees is incomplete because the Cardinal back hits the receiver’s head before the ball arrives, and no flag. I’m sure we’ll get some ticky-tack interference call before long.

Consistency: not the hallmark of this particular referee and his crew.

It’s interesting to see how many NFC teams came into the playoffs without a defense.

The inteception was nullified by a hit on Warner, not Brees, unless I missed something.

It’s only a 7 point game (though it feels like more). I’m still pulling for the Cards. I’d like the Vikings to be playing at home next week.

This is a crazy game. I’m a die hard Cardinals fan. This game will be over 100 points before it is over.

Well, there goes any chance for the Cardinals. Looks like i’m out for the Super Bowl prediction contest.

If you’re talking about the hit on Warner, the “Interception” wasn’t one anyway. You could see the ball hit the ground on the replay. He sold it pretty well though.

Who thought the Cardinals were going to the Superbowl after last week? Their defense is terrible.

God, I hate that douchebag move when coaches call timeouts a split second before the ball is snapped on field goal tries.

It would have been funny if he made it on the second try.

Am I the only one who’s lost all interest in the second half? There is zero chance that a team with such a terrible defense will over come a 21-point deficit. I think New Orleans is likely to break sixty in this one.

I agree. Even if Rackers would have made the second field goal, that is a stupid rule loophole that the NFL needs to close.

Have you no faith in Matt Leinart?

I’m wearing my Matt Leinart jersey. But, no, I don’t think he can take the Cards to the NFC Championship.

I agree. Love my Saints, but that move sucks by anybody, and should not be allowed.

Great first half for the black & gold. Everybody is contributing in offense, and defense has stepped up.


Oh, I didn’t realize Warner was out. Was he knocked down that hard?

Can I just marvel again at how terrible the Cardinals defense is?

That wasn’t even fair. Bush is fun to watch.

Well, they finished rusty but damn, they’re looking like this year’s team again.

If the Saints don’t break sixty it’s only because the Cardinals are done scoring and the Saints might start feeling sorry for them. Given the current score, I can see them quitting at 59.

They’re reminding me of the '99 Rams. You turn your back for five seconds and they put up 21 points.

I don’t think the Colts game is going to be close either. Neither will the Jets game. I see Indy and San Diego winning big. Dallas v Minnesota may be the most entertaining game this entire weekend.

I’m not sure about the Colts game; depends on how well they get back into their rhythm after not really playing for the last 3 (or more?) weeks. The Ravens could make it close and played rather well against the Colts during the regular season. I agree about San Diego, and that Dallas vs. Minnesota will probably be the best game on this weekend.