DIY candles: how to get Thyme Frasier scent?

I’ve been making my own candles lately with scents but the pine smells are pretty lame. The Thyme candles with the Frasier Pine scent are amazing and I’d like to try and match that. Does anybody have a suggestion on how/where I can get a strong pine fragrance to put in candles? Thanks!

Wow … that’s actually what they call it. Is there any chance that potpourri oil can be used to scent the candles?

Fragrance oils will do the trick. Make sure they’re for candles for the best results. Essential oils, aromatherapy oils, and fragrance oils differ in their efficacy for scenting candles.

There are tons of places on-line and you can check with them if you’re not sure.

BTW-- the scent of an oil can differ greatly, depending upon the producer/source.

Do you have any suggestions? I’ve tried a few but they weren’t very good; they smelled more like sugar than pine.

Try,, or for very good fragrances for candles. I used these companies almost exclusively when I was a full-time candlemakers.

Thanks papergirl! I’ll give them a try.