DMX dies at 50

Don’t really know his music

X no longer gonna give it to ya.

The stuff I know sounds great for about 30 seconds and then gets boring or tiresome. I like the first minute of this and then it gets pretty boring:

Ryde, when I die, straight down, but I’m plottin’
We all gots to go but who wants to be forgotten?
I’ma leave a mark, and it won’t be the mark of the devil
Throw dirt and may your hands burn when you touch the shovel
The level of animosity is stoppin’ me from thrivin’
FUCK what them niggaz is talkin’ about, I’m survivin’
Alive and goin’ through it, but I made my bed
So now it’s in these flames that I lay my head

One more road to cross

“I’ve got blood on my hands and there’s no remorse, I got blood on my dick cause I fucked a corpse.” - Bring Your Whole Crew

Hah what a great opening line to a song.

The cause was a drug overdose:

Best used here: