DMX home raided. 12 neglected pitbulls and several buried dogs found.

Nice… I bet after Vick these are going to come rolling out of the wood work. The detective says theres no indication of dog fighting yet, but who keeps 12+ abused pitbulls around for any other reason?

Shouldn’t (or Doesn’t?) someone need a license to have over a certain number of animals at their home?

What a fucking bastard. Did you see the pictures of those poor dogs? This makes me so mad.

Also, yes, most places it is illegal to have more than X number of animals in your house in a residential area without whatever license or permit is required.

What gets me is this:

So, Rapper DMX was given notice that his dogs were not being looked after by whatever person he had hired to do so–and he basically just shrugged.

And it gets worse:

They’re “his” dogs only in the sense that he paid for them, but other than that, he couldn’t give a rat’s ass what happens to them. It’s important to him to own them, to possess them, because, I dunno, it makes him Bad or something.

Never have understood the whole “I own a pit bull therefore I am a Manly Man” thing.

He wouldn’t care, at an emotional level, any more than he’d care at an emotional level if there was an ordinance limiting how many cars you could park in your driveway.

This whole thing makes me ill.

Especially this…

I know of at least one person who’d likely disagree with your selection: His Mom.

Good to see more publicity on this issue.

I think the rule is, you need to have more lawyers than you do dogs. If you do, it’s all good.


Seconded. My province has heavily restricted pit bulls. Yet I know quite well that someone (or someones) is totally illegally breeding pit bulls in my neighbourhood. They’re not shy about it (sketchy looking people often ask me if my pit bull is fixed and express disappointment when I say no, he would make good fighting puppies, apparently). That’s the real problem - those people are breeding dangerous dogs, and everyone knows it. Hopefully cases like this one will spur public outrage to insist that such cruel dog treatment is heavily prosecuted.

DMX’s name is Earl Simmons? There goes that “bad” image…

That fact that nobody has made a “get at me, dog!” reference proves how white this board is. :smiley:

What, you thought his momma named him “DMX”? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got blood on my hands and theres no remorse, I’ve got blood on my dick cause I fucked a corpse

eh…according to wikipedia he was cleared of the whole shooting his mom thing…He’s a saint I tell ya…
sheesh…this guy needs to be locked up.

I’d love to see the timeline and if Vick had anything to do with DMX popping up on the cops radar.

Same fate for Earl as Michael. Assholes.

Dogfighting is the new Anthrax (or, fill in the blank with something a little less “2002ish”). Until some shit-head celebrity gets a DUI, its all yer gonna hear about.

Might have explained why he stabbed her.

??? A non-fixed dog can make puppies.

The breed is not dangerous. Bad owners make dangerous dogs, not bad genes.

Publicity alone isn’t going to get the people you suspect.

That’s the standard argument against breed restrictions. I think it’s based more on wishful thinking than science. If you selectively breed dogs to exhibit a particular behavior, such as “gameness”, it’s logical to expect that the result will be dogs that have a genetic predisposition to exhibit that behavior.

Oh I must be incredibly white. I was wondering what the Hell DMX was. I thought it was either an abbreviation for a city (but couldn’t possibly figure which one) or it was the latest internet abbreviation / acronym that I hadn’t learned.

IANA dog breeder but from what I have read about dogs, bad owners practice bad breeding methods. I guess Pit Bulls are the macho dog to own and what is the most desirable trait to exhibit your imagined machismo? Aggressive behavior. So, these irresponsible breeders / owners will breed the shit out of a dog breed in order to produce a very aggressive and sometimes, unfortunately, dangerous dog.

I believe this happened to the German Shepherd breed in the first half of the twentieth century. Then later, the Doberman Pinscher breed underwent the same fate.

It’s disgusting to hear about this shit going on but it’s also encouraging that the police are going after these shitheads. :mad: