Do all gay males enjoy anal sex?

As a conjunct to this thread about whether or not lesbians enjoy penetration, let me ask the following please:

Is anal sex a cornerstone for gay sex amongst males? I have no issues with homosexuality; I’ve always wondered whether or not this is the de facto standard though.

I’m just curious because it would seem to me that there are gentler and easier ways to enjoy gay sex without anal penetration, which to me seems harsh and masochistic.

Thanks for answering my question.

Not a gay male, but it is my understanding that a pretty large minority of gay couples don’t engage in anal sex at all. But I don’t think anal sex is necessarily harsh or masochistic, if you do it right.

Neither I nor my partner do anal. Without getting too graphic, there’s a lot of mutual masturbation, and a little bit of oral. Mostly we just cuddle, though.

No, not all gay men enjoy anal sex. As a general rule of thumb, any question in the form of “Do all X enjoy Y?” will have the same answer.

That said, don’t knock it 'til you’ve tried it.

At one point I seem to recall reading a biography on Noel Coward, which said that he for one abhorred anal sex.

Hetero or Homo, I get grossed out whenever anyone mentions anal. Maybe I’m immature, but…but that’s where poop comes from…:frowning:

antonio-IMO, your attitude is what makes people so against marriage equality.

Then what about Lesbians? Also, I should point out that the OP called anal “harsh and masochistic,” so I’m not alone in being squirmish on this, it seems…

I don’t want to stick my penis up the butt of a woman, so I’m against gay marriage.


I’m not gay, but I have a few gay friends, at least one of whom who has told me that he has no interest in anal at all.

So that would be “no”.

Gay male here and the answer is NO!

I can’t be penetrated at all. I don’t enjoy doing it either, but most gays I know seem to be big ol’ bottoms as they put it.

It does seem that there is an over abundance of bottoms in the gay world, but I’ve known a few others like me. We definately are in a small minority

Hear, hear (to the last part).

In my experience, lots do enjoy it, lots don’t. Of those who do enjoy it, lots are tops and lots are bottoms, and a rather smaller number (unfortunately in my view) are versatile like me (i.e., I like it both ways, in the same session if possible, or sometimes just one or the other depending on my mood; kind of like being bi-sexual, maybe). Contrary to Markxxx, my experience has been that there is a pretty good balance between tops and bottoms. But I’ve been off the market for 20 years, so maybe things have changed.

I enjoy it but can attest that not everyone does. It’s absolutely not the cornerstone of gay male sex - cock is. :slight_smile:

Noel Coward? Gay? Well for goodness sake.

Ha ha ha. I love this. The frowny face at the end was a nice touch.

Surprised that you got called homophobic for this.

I’m a woman who’s squeamish about period sex, because that’s where blood is coming from! I must be heterophobic.

It’s your attitude that prevents marriage equality. :mad:

I note bemusedly a brother in law of a good friend of mine is in the ‘hetero but enjoys anal sex’ category.

During a home remodeling project for them, my friend encountered a rather exotic appliance, I believe they are referred to as a ‘strap on’, and his sister explained (demurely) what it was and to what ends they employed it.

*whatever floats your boat . . . . *

Yes, Newt, I have outed you !!!


Hell, most men enjoy anal sex period, whether gay or straight. Even if you’re only talking about receptive anal, many straight men who aren’t prudes realize that we have this thing called the prostate, and that’s why God invented strap-ons.