Do american Indians celebrate Thanksgiving?

I must apologize for what the pilgrims did to them.

Still, I hope its not politically incorrect to ask, but do American Indians celebrate Thanksgiving in

They don’t get government surplus turkeys?

Sure they celebrate…at the casinos they own.

Thanksgiving is a sore spot with many Native Americans (can’t imagine why). In many places they do counter demonstrations to Thanksgiving Day parades and pageants.

I don’t begrudge them the casinos. They haven’t had this much fun fleecing the Anglos since they convinced the Southerners that grits were food and not canoe calk.

Lex Non Favet Delicatorum Votis

The ones I know do…

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things.” --Edgar Degas

I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t want to celebrate the successful European invasion.

Those that did survive the genocide, the smallpox, the land-stealing, and the alcoholism are getting a bit of revenge now, though. Forget the casinos. Ever hear of a ceremonial herb called tobacco?

All the ones I know do including my nephew who was sitting three chairs away from me this afternoon.

Please tell your pants it’s not polite to point.

Yes, I got the same answer from a woman sitting next to me yesterday. & they eat turkey, too. wow.

Many (dunno about most or how many) do observe it as kind of a day of mourning.

Hell, I saw some Indians protesting Columbus Day. As if anyone cares about Columbus Day in the first place.

Did they protest it on the real Columbus Day or on the phony Monday version? I like to protest Columbus stealing the Vikings’ thunder on the real day and protest bogus Monday holidays on the Monday. But on Thanksgiving, mmmmm, I does like my turkey.

I like to protest Mondays on Fridays, protest Holy Days on holidays, and protest turkeys on any given day.

My world mythology teacher who is one fourth Native American (and considers himself NA), does celebrate the holiday. However, his take on it is, that all cultures have a day of celebrating the harvest/thanksgiving, and that’s his reason for celebrating it. He doesn’t celebrate it because pilgrims arrived in the new world and all that though.