Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

More than anything else, I am grateful for my family and my friends. I am a very lucky man, and there isn’t a day goes by that I’m not reminded of my good fortune in a new and interesting way.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Can’t wait for the US date to get here. I love Thanksgiving!

For those celebrating a holiday - wishing you a safe and happy holiday!

Save your forks, there’s pie! :smiley:

Happy Thanksgiving!

:confused: Even in Canada, it doesn’t look like Thanksgiving is for another two days. Or is the Wikipedia wrong?

It’s Thanksgiving weekend. Ironically, the only day that I’m not eating Turkey is Monday.

Dinner tonight, lunch tomorrow, and then I’ll be so sick of it that I don’t want it for another year…but then there’s always Christmas.

We’re doing turkey dinner on Sunday. Things to do today to make the house presentable, then housecleaning while the turkey cooks tomorrow. Turkey dinner, then vegging on Monday. Both my husband and I are sick, so we aren’t going to be too active other than achieving Dinner, methinks.

I’m already looking forward to turkey soup. Sick + homemade soup = good. Except, I have to get through dinner and hosting, and make the soup, before eating soup and collapsing.

Can I go back to bed now?

Edited to add:

I am grateful that:

we have a house to host dinner in
we have people in our lives to eat dinner with
we have food in the cupboards and more to come after grocery shopping tonight
it’s been a beatiful autumn after a beautiful summer
we have a Wii which should entertain the little ones before and after dinner
the dog will enjoy the company (and whatever she manages to mooch from the diners)
we all have work to do and get paid for
it’s just a cold, not the flu and not the swine flu (I think!)

A question for you folks down there; I understand you celebrate Columbus Day when we celebrate Thanksgiving. Is Columbus Day usually considered a holiday (i.e. do you get a day off work)?

Government employees, usually. Otherwise, impression is mostly not.

When I was young it was more common to get this day off. Then it was just the schools, government and bank workers. Now I don’t think even most banks give the day off.

In other words, in my experience, it is not too common any more.

I read the thread title and thought “wth?!? Thanksgiving’s not 'til October!” Where’d the last 2 weeks GO?

Happy Thanksgiving.

Schools here are not closed for Columbus Day. My bank is.

Happy Thanksgiving to Le Ministre de l’au-delà all of my other fellow Canadian Dopers.

Tonight’s menu is minimalist-traditional:
Roast Vegetables
Pumpkin Pie


I’m not doing a turkey, never made a turkey myself and we usually eat it at relatives. This time some are coming over here though, so I don’t think it’s the time to experiment. I always buy a ham at this time of year, so that’s what we’ll have. Along with scalloped potatoes, carrots, squash, lazy cabbage rolls and the option of pumpkin pie or trifle for dessert.

Would be nice to go to Grandma’s but the highways haven’t been the greatest this past week…

Going to a party at the neighbour’s tonight.

Got my 20 lb turkey in the fridge for tomorrow.

Got all my stuff to make turkey soup after we’ve got our fill or turkey.

Got 8 face chords of wood delivered and will be lighting the wood stove in the morning. (With a wicked hangover, I hope!)

Happy Thanksgiving, mes amis.

Happy Thanksgiving all! This year my husband will see whether a 12 lb. turkey will foil the rotisserie as the 16 lb. one last year did. We may be down to a half dozen cornish hens to achieve his dream. We’ll also have a backup roast beef if the turkey isn’t enough. Squash, sweet potato, mashed potato, vegetable, pumpkin pie, cranberry - I’m ready now.

Yes, we Canadians have managed to make it Thanksgiving Weekend and different folks have the big dinner on different days. Ours is tomorrow.

I don’t have a cite, but I do have first-hand experience – I’ve been told that Thanksgiving is the # 1 cause of gall bladder-induced hospital visits, so easy on the gravy folks :stuck_out_tongue:

'Round here, you don’t even get off from school any more. Apparently they celebrate the 26th of October, for some reason…

I’m in the midst of making Chai Pumpkin Pies right now. They smell fantastic, and are filling my house with the scent of cardamom and me with all sorts of warm gratitude-filled thoughts.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Half the bananas in the freezer have been turned into banana bread. That was 4 batches…which really indicates that I don’t bake nearly often enough!

The turkey will be cooked tomorrow, along with mashed potatoes and carrots and sweet potatoes, and turnip if we can find some bigger than the sad little ones in the store tonight, and green beans.

My brother is showing up tomorrow with desserts made by my mom (who is visiting my sister this weekend across the country). My friend will make the side dishes, and the beverages will mostly be provided by the other guests. It’s a reject thanksgiving…those of us who can’t see our immediate families this weekend are gathering together. It should be fun!

Happy Turkey Day!

I get to spend Thanksgiving in the hospital for the third year in a row (3 separate admissions, but for the same problem). I can tell it’s Thanksgiving weekend because the napkins with the meals are orange.

Happy Turkey Day, everyone!

Strangely enough, no turkey on the menu this weekend. Last night’s dinner was pulled pork sandwiches with corn and coleslaw (yes, we’re in denial… it’s warm and lovely place, dammit), tonight’s dinner will be roast beef with sweet potatoes, and tomorrow’s dinner will be spaghetti with meat sauce at the in-laws’.

I guess I’ll just have to make two turkeys for Christmas to make up for it. :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about your hospitalization, Canadjun. Hope you feel better soon (and hope that there’s no pumpkin jello with your dinner).