Do anniversaries matter to you?

Talking to a female friend of mine, we got onto the subject of anniversaries. I don’t remember them, quite frankly. If I want to be with you I’ll be with you. It’s about the quality, not the quantity. Getting hung up on an anniversary is silly. On the other hand, celebrating an big anniversary I understand as it seems a lot of people get tired of others after a bit and split off.

So I ask you…do you care about anniversaries?

The only anniversary I keep track of is when we met, and that’s fairly easy for me to remember, since that was my one week-vacation that year. I don’t remember any other dates. So yes, that one IS important to me. OTOH, HE may forget that one, but he’s pretty diligent about keeping tabs on birthdays (of his friends and family).

My husband and I have never made a big deal about our anniversary. My family was aghast that we didn’t have a big blowout for our 25th. Honestly, it’s become an excuse to go to a rather pricey restaurant that we really like. This year will be our 28th - it will be celebrated just like the 27 that came before. :smiley:

I do remember the date of our first date only because we had a really short courtship before eloping. But it’s just a bit f trivia, not a big deal.

I voted other because it would be nice to celebrate every once in a while, but I know my husband well enough to realize that it will never happen. Our anniversairy was this past weekend, and the only acknowledgment I got from him was him saying “I hope you wern’t expecting anything”.

I guess over time I have learned not to make them matter to me if I don’t want to be constantly dissapointed.

I do not give a rat’s ass about anniversaries. Or birthdays.

I’m all for celebrating stuff, but why it needs to be on that particular day, and not the day before or after or a month after…it baffles me.

I have to take my daughters age and do math to figure out how many years I’ve been married.

For the first few years I kept forgetting if our anniversary was July 30th or 31st.

This year, although we were in Las Vegas over our anniversary it was the night we celebrated the least. I believe he had a pizza slice for dinner and I had a pretzel dog.

So I voted Nopes :slight_smile:

Moon, that’s ok. A couple years ago I helped my parents celebrate their 39th anniversary. What did they do, you ask? We went to costco for a cheap meal and then they took me to a car dealership so I could get a car. How exciting. :smiley:

On the plus side my husband thinks he’s the luckiest guy in the world. He never gets in shit over forgetting our anniversary. For that matter he wouldn’t if he forgot my birthday but he hasn’t done that.

We don’t make a big deal out of our anniversary, and didn’t make a big deal out of our dating anniversary when we weren’t married. Sure, we’ll have a nice meal (homecooked or night out), but we don’t generally do the exchange of gifts or anything more exciting than going to a restaurant.

I voted “Meh” because while we always happily acknowledge our anniversary and sometimes even go out for dinner, it’s not super important to us. We don’t do presents or fancy trips or whatever. Not our style.

Meh. Like others, we note it in passing, like birthdays, but buying presents and all that guilt and bullshit is just not our style. I buy her things when I see something I think she’d like, she does the same. We don’t do gifts at Christmas, either, because it’s pointless at this stage of our lives.

Nope. I am one of the least sentimental people ever (weirdly, my father is possibly the most over-the-top romantic and schmaltzy person I ever met - maybe that’s why I had enough of that stuff before I even dated). No idea when our ‘anniversary’ would be anyway. We don’t celebrate any date. We’re not married, no plans to be, there isn’t a day I remember when we decided to proclaim to the world we were a couple. I know we met in September 2004, but I don’t think it became sexual at all until after 2005 was underway, and not really serious for about a year after that.

I don’t give a crap about birthdays either, although they are fun for kids. Chaps my ass when adults expect to be treated like excited 5-year-olds on their ‘special day’.

We never celebrated dating anniversaries, so I can’t imagine we’ll do anything different for anniversaries now that we’re married. It hasn’t even been two months, and he already gets the date mixed up. No big deal. Two weeks after we got married, I did end up buying him an anniversary card because it reminded me of him (and then showed it to him when I got home) while I was looking for something else, but I don’t expect anything from him.

My wife and I both forget our anniversary most years. Once we were in a restaurant with my parents and we got to reminiscing about the funny things that happened on our wedding day and we looked at each other and said “gosh how long has it been…?” and both realized that it was our anniversary that day.

Birthdays? Yes. Wedding anniversaries? No.

I voted “Meh”. My gf puts great stock in our anniversary, so I try to do something special to make her happy. For me, it’s the little, everyday acts of thoughtfuless that matter most.

When it comes to my own birthday, I take the day off, get a bottle of good hooch, draw the blinds and listen to the blues.


I’ve been married 10 years and have to look up the exact date of our anniversary every year. I don’t know why I can’t remember it. We do kind of half celebrate it, though, usually go out to eat somewhere nice, so I voted meh.

Wow, I guess this is just one more way in which Mr. S and I are square pegs. We both happily mark the anniversary of the day we met and our wedding day. Usually just with schmoopy talk and dinner out. Perhaps because neither of us ever believed we would get married in the first place. So it’s nice to celebrate.

Sometimes we do cards, but that’s about it. This year no cards, but Mr. S surprised me with posies for my home-office desk and some potted irises (my favorite) to plant in the yard. Then we went out for a ridiculously expensive and decadent dinner. 21st anniversary this year.

Wow I realized that I posted ‘anniversaires’ in the title. My french is even worse than my english so I don’t know why it popped in there. Sorry guys.

While I don’t mind going out for a nice meal on special occasions, I don’t place a lot of importance on them. For one thing, I have a very hard time remembering dates, and for another, being treated well on a day-to-day basis is much more important to me than pulling out all the stops for one special day.