Do any of these styles say "sexy" to you?

NY Times Fashion Review
A Designer Gives Lessons on What’s Sexy
They all look like random mistakes to me.
Top to bottom:
-black and white dress- three sizes too large, looks like a kid playin dress up in mom’s oldest duds.
-floppy hat down past nose - a baby playing peekaboo
-too tight two-toned wrap - grabbed the wrong thing from younger sister’s closet
-Tee with one arm up and one down, frizzy mop hair - still hung over, about to puke again.
-Man’s coat with shorts and other mixes - being funny at the Goodwill store
-Baggy pants - ran out of clothes on wash day

“High fashion” designers know two things about what’s sexy: jack and shit.

And jack just left town.

And shit is what they have for taste.

Fashion shows are designed to draw attention to the clothes. The models show no personality and do nothing to distract from what they’re wearing.

Sexy is the exact opposite. It’s sad that some women don’t realize that.

Haute couture is mainly a promotional tool for designers. I read (sorry - don’t think I can come up with a cite) somewhere once that there were only about a dozen (25? 50?) women in the world who regularly (every season) bought from the haute couture line.

The pret a porter (ready to wear) lines of designers are their bread and butter. While I do love some designers high-end stuff - Valentino, etc. - most are pretty laughable from a “can a normal woman actually wear that stuff” view.


VCNJ has pretty much nailed it - there’s no real expectation that women are going to storm the malls looking for these clothes.
They’re kinda analogous to concept cars at auto shows - the designers go wild and push limits. Sometimes an element of the design will trickle down to the car on the showroom floor (or the clothes that women would really be expected to purchase).
These shows take one or two design elements, and then take them to an extreme. Sometimes, they can get the customer “used to” dramatic changes in proportions, silhouettes, color combs, etc., so that the consumers will be more receptive to the changing styles that hit the stores in the new collections.

Along these same lines, MSN has a little slide show of who they consider the best-dressed celebrities at fasion Week. I looked at all the photos and that most of the dresses they’re sporting are fugly at worst, meh at best. I guess that’s what I am no fashionista.

Looks like they’re after the ‘just got out of bed’ look.

This stuff is art; not fashion. It’s a creative outlet that no one ever takes seriously as wearable clothing. They just parade the stuff so people can see the inner-whimsical kook. They make real clothes the rest of the time.

While I understand that your typical wacky runway stuff isn’t meant for street-wear, the article itself is titled “A Designer Gives Lessons on What’s Sexy”. Given the accompanying photos, I’d say that either the article is horribly misnamed or else the designer has little concept of “sexy”.

the pink and white dress thingie might look nice on a different model though.

Of all the clothing I saw on the OP’s link, only the jersey thing was close to being sexy, but the hair ruins it. If the girl had normal-looking hair and an actual football jersey on, it would be better.

…And would someone tell Victoria Beckham that high-gloss skin is not sexy?

Or the clamped-on half-grapefruit boobs?

The only fashion I’m interested in is on Go Fug Yourself.

I’m inured to the fact that designers always use “sexy” for ugly clothes, I’m just amazed that the NY Times would use it.

Having a fashion designer tell me what’s sexy on a woman is like having a blind guy tell me what color I should paint my walls. Like the latest commercial for a “what not to wear”-type show that’s being hawked…here’s a gay guy telling a woman she shouldn’t wear something low cut…um, STFU, dumbass!

That’s debatable. :wink:

I loved the interview on Da Ali G Show with the fashion designer guy. Honestly, I think a lot of these folks are just really removed from reality.

If this is what sexy women are supposed to look like, thank Og I’m gay.

I’ve always thought that gay guys design these clothes to make women look so terrible that they’re trying to turn straight guys gay.

The copy of that article is just hilarious.

“There were so many layers, and I don’t mean clothes — thought. It was really amazing and daring. . ."

“The show defined for me what is modern.” He added: “It’s ironic that Victoria Beckham was here, with her breasts out. This show wipes all that kind of expression away.”

. . .Riiiight. Women are done showing off their boobs.

Compared to some, most of these clothes are pretty wearable and if a girl came up to me wearing that football jersey thing, well, it’s go time.

Preferably not that girl though…