Do any splurging on Rapture Day?

Me, I ordered whole milk rather than skim at breakfast. Very satisfying!

I was thinking of buying some really overpriced, but impossibly plush toilet paper.

I bought me a $10,000 wedding gown (I’ve never even tried one on, having eloped), put it on, went to Red Lobster and ordered everything, spare no expense, including appetizers, dessert, and a whole bottle of Pinot Grigio. This morning I woke up with a crashing hangover, a bill for over $200 from Red Lobster, and I have to return the gown after I take it to the dry cleaners… I should have just bought the $25 hanging baskets for the deck instead of the $14.99 ones.

I figure if I survive today, I’ll have been given a second chance to do things right. So I’m preparing my New Era resolutions. No more alcohol. Lose weight. Sex only for procreative purposes with the lights out. God has given us a second chance and we should all take this opportunity to reform our ways - tomorrow, Church for everyone to thank God for His divine favor.

The Druidess and I are about to head to Sonic for chilli-cheese tots and burgers, before checking out a book sale at the library.

I splurged the night before with junk food and booze. . .and had my spirit cleansing ritual this morning.

I mean I played in the kiddie pool with my daughter.

We splurged on a gorgeous hunk of london broil for the grill once we finish sous videing it to the proper temp inside =)

I bought 4 shirts, 2 jackets, 3 pairs of capris and 2 pairs of shoes. I suppose now the jerks are going to want their non-rapture money. Heathens.

Ironically, I just spent a bunch of money on hurricane supplies for the season.
I barely got home before 6pm local time. I waited a few minutes until bothering to unpack.

I bought a bunch of stuff for the newly redecorated kitchen: coffee grinder, french press, mugs, apron, dish towels, bowls and more.

I went to a fiber festival and bought fiber.

I’m a newbie spinner, and I think the stuff I bought today ought to last me at least six months. And the total price is not cheap, but not terribly budget busting.

I had pancakes and bacon for dinner. I thought about having regular coke instead but decided to not take any chances*.

  • After ten years of drinking Diet Coke, regular Coke tastes wrong.

After I got home from work I got really drunk. Does that count as splurging?

If you normally get drunk during work but today waited until after, that’s not splurging.

This is sad and yet true :frowning:

I watched numerous youtube cover versions of Britney Spears’ ‘Til the End of the World’. It was painful, yet purifying. This one was the scariest:

It was my 30th birthday, so I did splurge a little on myself, though not as much as I planned.

Oh yeah. I had shoulder tender.

Bought a handgun. Meh, why not?

Bought a new car. Not because of the Rapture, but because a local dealer dropped the ad price of his teaser vehicle to a point where I figured I could swing it. I didn’t get the ad price, which was impossible anyway (they listed both a lease return discount and a trade-in discount), but I still managed a little over half MSRP.