Do atheists really not believe in the Earth?

Since atheists don’t believe in God and God created the Earth do atheists not believe that the Earth exists?
Fucking troll here asking bullshit question just to call all Christians stupid.
I love how on this board you get a pass for trolling as long as it is against Christians or Republicans.

You’ve been trolling all week and gotten a pass, ya fuckin’ muppet.

I understand why you’d take it personally. You’ve always struck me as very Christlike.

Not in the love your neighbor, turn the other cheek, die for your sins sense, but I can see you wearing sandals and not bothering to shave.

I’m currently standing on it. It’s real, but I’m positive no biblegod created it.

The OP of the thread linked to by the OP is a moron. That said, this thread is also moronic so it all cancels out*.

*Well, maybe not really. The skypig thread actually wins the competition of which tread is more moronic by a mile, especially given the fact that I appreciate the snark in how Drunky approached this pitting. But I don’t normally agree with Drunky on anything and it pains me to agree now that (s)he is correct, so I want to call the threads equally moronic, but really they are not. Damn, Drunky, you got me with this tread and it pisses me off. Crap, skypig, you ruined my day!!! Note: You are on my bad side!!!

The OP in that other thread was perhaps being offensive but he was asking a valid question. Most Christians will tell you they believe in what’s in the Bible. So pulling something out of the Bible and asking a Christian if they believe it is a valid question. If a Christian says they don’t believe that everything in the Bible is literally true, it’s a valid question to ask them how they decide which parts they believe and which parts they don’t.

The OP in this thread is not doing that. He’s not asking atheists to defend an atheist belief. He’s saying atheists are wrong because they don’t accept a Christian belief.

In the opinion of this atheist, it doesn’t matter whether or not earth exists.

I usually appreciate Drunky’s humor but his posts on this board seem to be almost exclusively trolling, so I am bemused by the anti-trolling rhetoric. I don’t think the dinosaur guy is trolling, but may be a bit naive. I am not anti-theist but it’s helpful to keep in mind it’s impossible for an atheist to express her perspective without discussing what she doesn’t believe and why.

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