Do atheists really not believe in the Earth?

I’m SNF, and I approve of this message.

The night before the next debate. shudder I’m having a drink myself.

If I had Paulaner,
I’d be hammered in the morning,
I’d be hammered in the evening,
All over this laa-a-and …

Well, except this isn’t the Earth. We accidentally blew that up a couple of years ago and all migrated to this world. We just didn’t tell the stupid people because we thought it might upset them.

With apologies to Steve Martin

I’m an agnatheist. I’m not sure whether or not I don’t believe in the earth.

Happy Fun Oblate Spheroid!


What’s the term for those who don’t believe dinosaurs existed? Dinotruthers?

Maybe Rams Defensive End

Unhinged yellow-vested blogger


What land?


If I had a Spaten
I would dig my Earth
But none of them along the line
Knows what any of it is worth
Happy Nobel, Bobby!

Slight hijack, what are the characters that bookend this sentence? I’m seeing a box with 26/6c in it. Thanks:)


Musical notes.

If Christians don’t believe in dinosaurs then they are stupid.

More importantly, how is this done?

My life changed forever.

Applying flawed logic to incorrect data does not lead to a valid conclusion.

I’m an atheist, and I’ve struggled all my life with the question of whether or not the earth exists. I certain Mars exists, and probably Venus. But Earth… I dunno…

You look up, you don’t see it. Look right and left, pretty much the same. Look down, all you see is dirt.

There are hordes of flat-earthers around the globe.

Then it must be true, since it takes one to know one, and you’re the biggest troll on these boards.

You’re both trolls.