Do banned members get notification emails on subscribed threads

Or does the banning process delete notifications? I had a response to a thread started by a banned poster (which, as a result of the banning, I probably won’t post), but the question did cross my mind. (Don’t need answer fast.)

[HIJACK]There are 268 views on this thread, and no one has replied?[/HIJACK]

So, the first 270 people to view it don’t know the answer.

No. I’m responsible for about 260 of those views.

The rest of the views are by banned folks who will answer your question shortly…

This is an interesting question.

No one knows what happens after we get banned.

And when you find out, you don’t get to tell anyone.

I don’t know. I hear tell that some users have had flashes of the Great Post-Membership during near-ban experiences.

Yes, we do.

I mean, uh…


60% of those who get banned kill themselves. I’m one of the lucky 40% who followed doctors’ advice, completed my thorazine therapy, and finally got myself to re-register.

[SixthSense]I see banned people[/SixthSense]

I’m not sure. I looked at the forum permissions of some banned users, but I can’t tell if banning would do anything to your thread subscriptions.

Well then, ban the OP and then we’ll post a lot, then maybe unbanning him or something.

Indeed, this is a situation where a little empirical research should yield conclusive results. It would be easy for a mod to:

  1. Create a new user (call the account Experimental Sock) from their own IP address.
  2. Have Experimental Sock subscribe to a thread.
  3. Ban Experimental Sock.
  4. Post in the subscribed thread.
  5. See if a subscription notice comes in.

I don’t get this. If we ban someone we remove them from the community. Who cares about their access to anything? We removed them for a reason.

But do you know the answer to the OP?

Earl Snake-Hips Tucker cares. Does being the high-and-mighty poobah give you the right to dictate what we should and should not care about?

If you don’t have an answer, then don’t threadshit.

I imagine being banned and continuing to get email notifications of subscribed threads would feel a little like continuing to get Facebook updates by one’s ex after a breakup.

If you’re banned, does that mean you can’t log in to unsubscribe? Are you doomed to keep receiving updates in perpetuity? It’s not something that’d keep me awake at night worrying, but I don’t blame the OP for being a bit curious.

That’s basically the reason I was curious, but from the “other” prospective. That is, some person who’s been booted off getting their jollies by receiving notifications from people responding to his/her OP (or other post), and thinking “Ha! They kicked me out, but I still got ‘em talkin’ about me!”