Do black people like fried ice cream?

I want to know because my friend says he saw a black person eating fried ice cream once, but I don’t believe him. I heard that Jews used to like polka music, but I’m pretty sure that’s not true anymore.

Word on the street is that Koreans like soap operas. I heard that Mexicans are really into lunchmeat these days. And people from Arizona totally love swing dancing!

Women really do know about shrinkage.

Indians don’t eat cows and Pakistanis don’t eat pigs. But people from California only eat plants! I’ve never actually met anybody from California, but a friend of mine has, and that’s what he says.

Are Asian people still good at math, or have they switched to winning spelling bees? Perhaps I should stretch my eyes out so I can ask them at the next meeting of all Asian people in the world. I’ll bring rice and dumplings.

[sub]Can you tell that I think questions like these are amazingly fucking stupid?[/sub]

To that list, could you add that all Metis people:

-Speak French or Michif, or both

-Play the fiddle

-Talk about Louis Riel ALL THE TIME


How can you fry ice cream? Won’t it melt quickly?

Fried ice cream.


I used to work at a restaurant that served fried ice cream. We would first scoop up balls of vanilla ice cream and then roll them in cinnamon and then freeze them. Then the frozen ball would be deep fried for about 1.5 seconds.
Do French people wear berets?

The fact I show up to answer these questions as factually as I can, or at least as honestly as I feel, is a sign I’ve moved past such irritation to relate social trends to explain why they are they way they are.

To answer your question: ah, hell, nah. Fried ice cream be white people food.

I mean: Fried dairy products? You deliberately trying to kill us off by combining the three dietary things black people need to stay the fuck away from? (Refined white sugar, grease and dairy products.) You know my peoples got hypertension and lactose intolerant.

What’s next? Powdered Sugar Bacon-Fat Fried Cheese on a stick?

Black people like fried chicken and grape soda. I learned it on the internet.

Mmm, powdered sugar bacon-fat fried cheese on a stick…

Sure, fried icecream be white-people food (although the last time I had it was at a sushi restaurant–go figure). But “need to stay the fuck away from” and “stay the fuck away from” are two different worlds. Or is Mama Dip’s white these days?


Let me be the first black, hypertensive, lactose intolerant to say-- I’d buy that for a dollar.

Oh, and on that country music thingy-- no, black people tastes are far too refined for that.

And what I mean by this is: country music is just that tasteless.

I eagerly await the flames. I will use them to fire up the grease for my cheesy sugar bacon.

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You guys never cease to amaze me. I always end up wondering how I fell for that. :smack:

One last thing-- I swear!

Let me just state that Askia and I are qualified to speak for all black people in the world because of the melanin content of our skin. Since I’ve never seen him, I’m going to assume that he is darker than me as many, many black people are (except auntie em, she’s far to yella to talk on black themes**) and therefore is more qualified than I.

That, and I’m a card-carrying, dues-paying charter member of FUBU. (Federated Union of Brothers Unlimited.)

The clothing thing is just a front.

That’s health food compared to chicken-fried bacon.

Are we actually at the point now where we cannot even say that black people or hispanic people or Jewish people or whoever often share a culture which means they might like or dislike something more that other cultures?

I don’t know. Do white people like pancakes?

No, we’re at the point where we recognize that asking questions about the personal tastes of millions or billions of people is meaningless.

Wow! A card-carrying brother!! Can I, like, touch your threads, sir? :wink:

Damn, but that sounds gooooood.

I thought fried ice cream was duh, Mexican people food! Jesus.

How can it be meaningless if indeed different cultures often share personal tastes? Are you saying they do not?