What's something we have NEVER bitched about before?

There has to be something. Right?

I don’t think we’ve ever bitched about having nothing to bitch about.

Maybe now we have?

You don’t know my former Girlfriend!

“Into every life a little sun must shine?”

I wasn’t bitching. Just suggesting. :smiley:

Antibacterial soap and its efficacy, or lack thereof.

Neapolitan ice cream. Everybody likes the chocolate and strawberry but nobody wants the vanilla.

So the white flavor, despite being the most common flavor in the country, is ranked behind the brown flavor and the red flavor. It’s reverse racism! Political correctness is spreading its grasp even into our ice cream! The liberals are indoctrinated our children! And then they top it with their multicultural rainbow sprinkles!

Gotcha. I’m reminded of a work buddy whose apartment was right off the Interstate. One night he bolted upright in bed and muttered, “What’s THAT?” He figured out that the traffic noise had suddenly gone quiet and it woke him up.

And the one about the waiter stopping by the lunch table with the four little old ladies and asking, “Is anything all right here?”

The dope is responding too quickly today. I click on a thread and it opens so fast my eyes hurt.

Also the mods need to be more arbitrary and less even handed.

Not me, I don’t like the strawberry flavor. When I was a kid I used to gulp that part down quick so I didn’t have to taste it YUK!

However, I’m not a big fan of ice cream so maybe my opinion shouldn’t count.

Masochist: Hurt Me!
Sadist: No.

Concealed carry makes my ass look big

Sheep! ya darned fool…

I don’t recall any bitching about politics before.

Nobody has bitched about the price of that Marx electric train on page 148 of the Montgomery Wards 1951 Christmas catalog, when I got a boring carom board instead.

Penguins. Non-flying birds in general are an abomination but give one mock tuxedo coloring and put it in Antarctica?..I don’t like it, not one bit. Make your birds right Mother Nature and stop screwing around with stupid designs. If you want to make a ‘fun’ bird, stick with parrots - at least they can fly and maybe talk.

How about when the seam of your sock gets right into the sweet spot and rubs your pinkie toe raw against the seam of your tennis shoe? That’s gotta be original, right?

The injustice of the Treaty of Trianon taking away most of Hungary’s land, resources and population?

Please, please, please tell me you very recently saw this joke on Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” because I have never heard this joke before and now today I have heard it twice, within about 90 minutes, and if you just dredged it out of your memory independently I am going to have a hard time figuring out what the universe is saying to me.