Do candy bars with caramel and nougat store well in the freezer?

We bought a box of full size Baby Ruths at Sams. I think there are a dozen bars.

I know simple candies like fudge and peanut butter cups freeze fine.

Anyone tried freezing caramel and nougat candy bars? Snickers, Baby Ruth, Mars, Milky Way etc.? What condition were they in after thawing them? Was the caramel hard or stale? Did the candy seem fresh?

We were thinking about putting them in Ziploc bags to keep moisture away from the candy. Then freezing them but wanted to double check first.

I still miss the old white wrapper.

Absolutely! I have never had a problem with snickers, baby ruth, or other similar candies when freezing. While they are thawing the chocolate is a little more prone to cracking, but once thawed they should be ok. The wrappers they come in are enough to protect them from any moisture add/loss.

Half the time I eat them still slightly frozen. They are great that way in the summer especially.

Frozen Snickers are a treat, so long as your teeth are in good shape.

Sure. I used to get frozen MilkShakes as a kid; they were the inspiration for Milky Ways, but were better frozen.

Since it’s Easter today, I’ll mention that Cadbury Creme Eggs (white creme, chocolate creme, and caramel) taste better frozen. At room temperature I find them cloyingly sweet and too gooey. Freezing them reduces the excessive sweetness and improves the overall texture.

And it goes without saying Junior Mints are improved considerably by freezing them.

Ok, then. I’ll empty the box of 11 Baby Ruths into the freezer. One already got consumed. :wink:

That will reduce the temptation too nosh on them. We’ll plan on taking out one or two the night before. So it can thaw. My teeth can’t handle eating one frozen. Got too many crowns to protect.