Do cell phone boosters actually work?

My cell phone tends to get spotty reception in my house and neighbourhood, so I was thinking of getting a cell phone booster, such as the ones you stick to the back of the phone. Anyone ever tried these and do they work?

Huh. I’ll be curious to see what the response is to this one. I’ve never tried one personally, but I was tempted. My recollection is that advertisements for these boosters were all over the place a couple of years ago. I haven’t heard about them since, however.

Speaking as an ex-SprintPCS employee I can say that if they did work, the cell phone companies would install them in the phones when they made them.

I tried one once, out of desperation. If anything, the reception got worse.

Here are some responses from the Infomercial Scams website regarding the antenna boosters. Hope it helps!

Good link, thank you!