DOthese cell phone signal boosters really work?

My house is in a weak signal area which is more than a bit frustrating. I was wondering if something like this might help a bit. Anyone ever use one before?

FWIW/AFAIK/ FWIR(From what I’ve read, here I think) they are garbage. If you do a little looking around, you’ll can find external antannaes and signal repeaters that you can use to help boost you’re signal. But not a $3.99 sticker. Also, if you really want to try one out, I belive you can usually find them on ebay for less then that.

Is there another good way of improving reception?

You can install an amplifier type device in your home. I looked into it a few years ago and it would have cost me around $650 if I remember correctly. I moved, so it became moot.

It’s a sticker.

No, it can’t help. or else they’d have stuck one on the phone when they built it.

If you stick one on an electronic pest repeller, it will keep away Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Remember, you get what you pay for. You probably need something like this.
But they run a few hundred bucks…


Everything I’ve read on the subject suggests they don’t work; they are priced low so that even people who suspect they don’t work will still buy them on the offchance, and having done so, won’t bother to try to return them if they’re dissatisfied. There’s also a very large subjective element; if I told 100 people that they’d get better reception if they stood on one leg while making a call, it’s a safe bet that quite a few of those that tried it would honestly believe it had worked for them, either because time, chance and location conspired to give them a better signal, or simply because ‘is your signal better’ is really quite a vague question and difficult to objectively judge, even with the little black bars on the phone display.

My advice: Stand on one leg when making a call; it will be every bit as effective as one of these stickers, in fact, I guarantee it.

Iris got one of these for Christmas, we never put it on, but it did say that you had to buy a new one every few months because they stop working. It’s a bit like that web site that I saw yesterday that said for $14.99 they can tell me the sex of my baby.

[sub]Accurate to within approximately 50%[/sub]

and if they’re wrong, you get your money back? What a racket, a 50% take.

You know you can get proper external antennas for most cell phones. I once debated installing one in my truck for my handheld phone but coverage is so good in all the areas I travel in it would rarely be of any benefit. A high gain antenna will help, particularly if you can place the antenna high and in an onobstructed place and will cost less than $100.

The site Daylon linked to has them.