Do cheerleaders deliberately select how much 'jiggle' to display?

Watching the Texas-KState game, I happened to catch the Texas cheerleaders with what seemed to be an extraordinary amount of bosomy jiggle, especially for the college level. I’m sure we can all agree on a couple of fundamental truths (i.e.: In most cases, jiggle is good, and let’s face it, Texans are just plain weird), but I’m wondering: How much thought is put into selecting the “jiggle factor” for the average cheerleader? So cheerleader dopers, do you just pick and outfit and let 'em fly as they will, or is there a concious decision to either bounce around a certain amount or strap 'em down?

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IANAC, but I saw a lot of them in the course of playing in band. And I’ve never seen any cheerleader put in any less jiggle than seemed humanly possible (and sometimes more than seemed humanly possible). Which makes sense, since as you point out, jiggle is a Good Thing.

But now I’ve got this mental image of boobies with a dial on the side, which can be set to “more jiggle” or “less jiggle”.

…wondering if there is such a thing.

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Chronos, that’s a 1920s style jiggleometer you’re thinking about, nowadays it’s all done with wireless networks, or something.

I think I’m going to require some sort of cite for this. :wink:

My guess is that when they practice, they go as far as they can before an adult coach puts them back in line, then they dance as close to that line as possible.

I was a cheerleader. I was the head cheerleader, AAMOF. The jiggle-factor is controlled by the individual. Large or small chested, you can jiggle with the best or not at all…

Bras are a critical choice. Push them together, spread them out, wear a sports bra, it’s all in the mix.

You can also use the muscles across the chest to constrict the jiggle or bounce with your torso to let 'em go like jello.

I went to Catholic school, so there wasn’t a tremendous amount of getting jiggley.

On the side!??!?! What kind of mutant females are YOU undressing?

The control knobs are front and center! Duh!


Well, I was a competitive cheerleader in junior high and high school. I’d say that, in my experience, the less jiggle the better. What you’re looking for is support. I always felt sorry for the well-endowed girls who had to jounce all over the place while dancing and tumbling and stunting.

However, this is probably a bit different from the OP. College cheerleaders at a football game are going for more of an “eye candy” look, rather than a “strong athletic” look. They’re not going through long technically demanding routines - they’re leading the crowd and trying to look good. Hence they’re likely to be sporting more skin showing, more big hair, more make-up, and more jiggle.

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They probably use the infamous adhesive spray or some sort of tape to attach their costumes to themselves, so that the jigglement doesn’t result in the ultimate jigglement – complete lack of coverage. Being bosomed myself, I can tell you that the day to day jiggle factor depends on what kind of bra I’m wearing and whether I want to jiggle or not. The situation calls the amount – I want to be taken seriously, jiggle switch turned down. Cheerleaders aren’t really trying to support their views on Paul Auster’s The Invention of Solitude though, so their jiggle switches are probably going to be at the highest they feel comfortable with. The amount of jiggle will definitely depend on the level they’re comfortable displaying.

Sarah – feeling a little silly for contemplating the logistics of the function of a jiggle switch

I think it depends on the squad as a whole and what they’re trying to do. If you’ve got a squad that’s going out and competing and doing the stunts and all the rest of it, they’re going to strap 'em down tight. If they’re just doing a pep rally eye candy thing, they might opt for maximum jiggle.

And yes, I was a cheerleader through high school. However, I didn’t even develop jiggle until college, so it was never a factor for me.