Do Comic Book Fans Feel Derided by the Comic Book Store Guy on "The Simpsons"?

I was wondering after tonight’s episode if real-life comic book/science-fiction aficionados cringe in self-loathing horror when they see how the writers of “The Simpsons” depict their ilk. Does anybody see a small part of themselves in “the comic book store guy?”

yes, yes, I do. I see his elitist attitude mirror my musical elitism.

I definitely do see enough of myself in him to occasionally cringe, but it’s parody, it strikes home, but doesn’t damage my self-worth. I’m NOT CBG, but he is a part of me. A part I don’t much mind, actually.

Yeah, I see a little of myself in him, I suppose. But I can take a joke at my own expense.

I do wish he had a name, though.

<cbg>Funniest character ever!</cbg>

You’ll find the majority of sf/comic book fans have a very well developed ability to laugh at themselves.

Unfortunately, I see more Barney Gumble in me than the comic book store guy… …now where’d I put my beer?

CBG comes off as someone who’s self-esteem rides solely on his knowledge of useless facts. Kind of like Cecil. :smiley:

“…cringe in self-loathing horror” seems a bit strong. How 'bout “winces a bit occasionally”?

Frankly, I’ve always wondered if it was intentional on the animator’s part to have CBG wearing Superbaby’s clothing.


I positively love Comic Book Guy, and last night’s episode was perfection (esp. the plot twist with Agnes Skinner). I go to a comic book store in Teaneck, New Jersey were the owner is the prototype for CBG. I told him that once, and he said “I get that all the time.” He didn’t seem bothered by it.

Worst thread ever.

Sorry. But somebody had to do it.

I think the comic book guy is hysterical. :slight_smile:

I also think that only someone intimately familiar with comic book stores, conventions, and afficionados could have come up with him. He’s too perfect.

And yes, I love comic books.

In a recent interview with TV Guide, Matt Groening said he gets letters all the time, from people all over the country, saying “I know the guy you based Comic Book Guy on.” And we all do, unfortunately. CBG isn’t based on any one person.

Points to ponder:

The weekly comics newspaper, The Comics Buyers Guide, is informally known as the CBG. Coincidence?

The lame super-hero comic pushed on Milhouse last night was being hawked by “Eric Reynolds.” There’s a real Eric Reynolds; he’s a cartoonist, but he’s also the PR guy for Seattle-based anti-super-hero comics publisher, Fantagraphics. Coincidence?

If I recall correctly, the CBG’s quote of “Worst episode ever” derived from a Usenet thread entitled, appropriately, “Worst Episode Ever!”. Many of his quotes are supposedly verbatim from posts.

I spent more than my share of time in comic book stores (but surprisingly, I’ve bought fewer than five in the past ten years) and he’s one of my favorite characters. Especially when he sees the French nuclear missile in The Homega Man, and he whimpers pathetically, “I’ve wasted my life.”

Ah, Comic Book Guy. It’s as if you reached into my heart and poured a little bit of wisdom into my soul.

I had to say something because CBG is my favoritefavoritefavorite Simpson’s character. My only woe is that he isn’t on the show enought.

While I am not anywhere near a comic book fan, although I’ve read some here and there, I have to say that all the guys in comic book stores around here are nothing like the CBG. I always think guys working in comic book stores are hot! Granted I’ve only been in about 3 or 4 stores, but I always think the guys there are pretty cool.

Frankly, if don’t belong to any of the groups/stereotypes ever mocked on the Simpsons, you don’t get out much. That’s a large part of the shows appeal, they go after everybody.

Let’s see…

  1. comic book fan - check
  2. tall - check
  3. long, brown hais - balding/in a pony tail - check
  4. fat - check (although I’m working on that)
  5. font of useless trivia - check
  6. absolutely no social life - check
  7. inability to make friends - NOPE… I’ve got plenty of friends.

so nope… he’s nothing like me


Boy, I sure do / did. But I think it is a great thing for two reasons.

  1. Satirists should hold no sacred cows. It would be a little empty poking fun at all the things that are ‘safe.’ When a satirist is evenhanded, I think it lends them credibility. And CBG has got so many great lines.

  2. Calls attention to things in ourselves that we may not otherwise notice. If you don’t like that aspect of yourself, you can change it.

I don’t remember the exact quote from last night but in the hospital the doctor tells CBG he had a “cardiac(?) episode” and CBG responds:

“Worst episode ever”


“Le Bombe Neutron,” IIRC, with Intel Inside. Comic genius!

Shameless troll for Cecil retort?